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Ronny Cox is an American actor, singer, and songwriter who was born on July 23, 1938. He is well-known for his film and television roles. Ronny is well-known for his role as Drew Ballinger in the 1972 film “Deliverance”. The actor has also appeared in popular films such as “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Robocop.”

Ronny Cox is not only an actor, but also a talented musician. He sings and plays guitar. He performs at numerous music festivals and theaters throughout the United States. People enjoy his music as much as his acting. Ronny Cox is a multi-talented artist who has been entertaining audiences for over four decades.

Ronny Cox

Quick Info

REAL NAMEDaniel Ronald Cox
BORNJuly 23, 1938
BIRTHPLACECloudcroft, New Mexico, USA
PROFESSIONActor, Singer, Songwriter
NET WORTH$5 million
HEIGHT6 feet 2 inches

Net Worth

The well-known actor and musician Ronny Cox has amassed a $5 million net worth. Cox has been financially successful thanks to his work as a guitarist and singer-songwriter in the music business, as well as his roles in popular movies. His earnings come from a variety of sources, including acting fees, royalties from music sales and performances, and endorsements. While the exact figures for his earnings vary, it is clear that Cox’s talent and hard work have paid off handsomely. 

Ronny Cox in the movie ‘Deliverance’.

Ronny Career

Ronny Cox’s acting career began in 1972 with his debut role in the film “Deliverance,” where he also demonstrated his musical abilities by playing the guitar in the iconic “Dueling Banjos” scene. His acting abilities led him to star in a variety of television shows and films. Some of them including the short-lived family-oriented series “Apple’s Way” and the blockbuster hit “Beverly Hills Cop”. Cox’s versatility as an actor enabled him to play a wide range of roles, from Dr. John Gideon in “St. Elsewhere” to villain Dick Jones in “RoboCop.” 

Ronny Cox performing at an event.

Aside from acting, Ronny Cox is a talented musician who has made significant contributions in the music industry. Cox has over 100 performances a year at theaters and festivals, but he still puts his music career first despite his success in Hollywood. He leads his band and even organizes musical tours to Ireland every year.

Cox’s dedication to music earned him a spot in the New Mexico Music Hall of Fame in 2019 and recognition at the New Mexico Music Awards in 2021. His love for music can be seen in his albums, including “Ronny Cox – Live at the Kitchen Sink” and “Ronny, Rad, and Karen,”. These songs showcase his abilities as a singer-songwriter and guitarist.

In addition to his acting and music careers, Ronny Cox is a successful author. He has published his autobiography “Dueling Banjos: The Deliverance of Drew” in 2012. His book delves into his experiences making the film “Deliverance” and gives readers a glimpse into his fascinating life and career. Ronny Cox’s acting and music have impressed audiences all over the world, earning him a reputation as a versatile actor and skilled musician.

Mary Lee and Ronny Cox

Cox Personal Life

He attended Eastern New Mexico University and graduated in 1963. In terms of his personal life, Cox was young when he met Mary, the woman he would eventually marry. They started dating when he was 18 and she was 15. They eventually got married in 1960 and had two children. Tragically, Mary died in 2006. Cox frequently speaks fondly of her during his musical performances, demonstrating the deep love they shared throughout their lives.

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