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Biography / Famous People · May 16, 2022

Zeus Collins: Scandal video with Girlfriend, Biography, Height and Family

The online world has been rocked by the Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno CHIE scandals. The video starring both celebs appears to have gone viral.

Zeus Collins

In the following paragraphs, we will learn more about the scandals surrounding Zeus and Cheinna.

Age, Family, and Childhood of Zeus Collins

At the time of writing, Zeus Collins is 29 years old. He was born in the country of the Philippines on March 19, 1993. He is of Filipino descent and belongs to the white ethnic group.

His family and early life data are currently unavailable.

CHIE Scandals: Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno

As of recent events, a video has gone viral in which a pair appears to be having some alone time, and many are speculating whether the duo is Zeus and Chienna. However, there are no credible allegations to back it up.

The footage was taken with CCTV cameras and is of such poor quality that it is impossible to tell who the couple is. Zeus even explained in an Instagram post that the video has nothing to do with him and that people should be warned that fake news might cause their gadgets to be hacked and tampered with.

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Both Zeus and Chienna appear to have been the victims of some form of bogus news.

Career of Zeus Collins: What is his line of work?

With his remarkable dance talents and movements, Zeus Collins garnered headlines. He is a popular Filipino actor who is also a host.

Zeus made headlines after information about an incident involving him and actress Chienna leaked on the internet.

Is Zeus Collins dating anyone? What’s his girlfriend’s name?

Pauline Redondo is the woman in his life.

Zeus Collins Net Worth: How much money does he make?

Zeus Collins’ net worth has remained unknown as of May 2022. Zeus, on the other hand, is said to make the majority of his money through his successful business.

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Which school and university did he attend?

There is no information about his educational background or academic credentials. As a result, the identities of his high school and college have yet to be revealed.

Is he on any of the major social media platforms?

Zeus Collins may also be found on social media. Zeus has a sizable social media following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.