Yella Beezy: Who is she? Her family? Her career? Her relationship? Her net worth? - Latest Celeb

Yella Beezy: Who is she? Her family? Her career? Her relationship? Her net worth?

A rapper, singer, and songwriter from the United States is known as Yella Beezy. Markies “Deandre” Conway is the man’s real name. It’s merely his stage name, Yella Bezzy. That’s On Me, Back at It Again, Up One, and “Goin Through Some Thangs” are some of his best-known tracks. He is a well-known rapper who creates amazing rap music. He is renowned for leading opening performances for incredible performers like Jay Z and Beyonce.

Yella Beezy

Yella Beezy: Her Age, family and Early life?

On October 21, 1991, Yella Beezy was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States (USA). The names of his mother and father are unknown. He was reared by his mother and stepdad. He was raised in Dallas’s Oak Cliff neighborhood. On Mother’s Day, his biological father was murdered at their house. He was a basketball and football player when he was little. When he was little, he dreamed of playing football professionally.

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Life, however, had other ideas for him. He was forced to provide for his family at an early age. As a result, he joined the Crip and began selling narcotics to support his family.

Yella Beezy: School and College, where did she attend?

There is not much information regarding his academic qualifications as he dropped out of high school. He often used to get kicked out for fighting. He doesn’t have a high school diploma.

Yella Beezy: What does she do for living? Her career? 

At the tender age of 13, Yella Beezy began creating song lyrics and rapping. When he was 14 years old, he put out his first mix. Mash Mode Overload was the name of the mixtape. In 2012, he also released Lil Yella Mane, his second mixtape. His 2015 mixtape, Broke Nights Rich Days, featured the song “Trap in Designer,” which became his debut success.

His song “That’s On Me” entered the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017 and peaked at position 37. He was signed to the Hitco record company thanks to this song. In 2018, he once more dropped the mixtape Ain’t No Goin Back. This mixtape also enjoyed success. But when he performed as Jay-Z and Beyonce’s opener, he really became well-known.

The same year, under the label Hitco, he released another mixtape titled “Back At It Again,” which had songs like “Back At It Again” and “Restroom Occupied.”


In 2018, Yella Beezy had a near-death experience. He was shot on his way home on the Sam Rayburn Tollway in Lewisville, Texas, on October 14, 2018, at around 3:30 AM. The rapper was shot four times and his car was damaged 23 times. Police found him that morning in his automobile on State Highway 121 hurt, and he was taken to the nearest hospital. He was admitted to the hospital but amazingly lived. The shooter was never captured by the authorities.

Yella Beezy: Her relationship status? Her spouse?

His prior relationships are not documented. Furthermore, we are unsure about his romantic status at the moment. He was spotted with D’Andrea Harris, the proprietor of the Hair Boutique wig shop, as they celebrated the birthday of his kid. 2018 saw the birth of his son.

Yella Beezy: Net Worth. How much money does she make?

The 28-year-old rapper has been actively involved in the music business since 2009 and continues to do so today. He entered the music industry at an early age and, at the age of 14, put out his first mix. He has collaborated with many producers and released a ton of singles and albums. The rapper has been successful in amassing a sizable fortune from his several hit songs. He has a $2 million net worth.

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Yella Beezy: Is she available on any social media platform? 

With 2 million followers on Instagram (@yellabeezy214) and 32.3K followers on Twitter (@YellaBeezy214), Yella Beezy is highly active on social media.

Yella Beezy: Her general information.

Full NameMarkies DeandreConway
Date of Birth21st October, 1991
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas, United States
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter
Net worth$2 million