Kroger Shooting: Two Dead And 12 Injuries

Who Is The Collierville Kroger Shooting Suspect? The Suspect Killed Himself Along With 12 Injuries.


According to authorities, the gunman in the attack inside Kroger in Collierville, Tenn, killed himself after the attack. Further, one person is dead, and 12 others were injured during the attack at a grocery store in Tennessee.

Police received a report of the shooting at 1:30 p.m. inside a Kroger store in Collierville, about 30 miles east of Memphis. After 4 minutes of the report, the first police car arrived at the scene. After their arrival, they went from room to room and every corner of the scene to help injured victims.

They helped people who were hidden in freezers and locked offices. The Collierville police chief, Dale Lane, said the attacker suicide after the attack. His vehicle was still in the parking lot. He added, “The shooting was the most horrific event that has occurred in Collierville history.” One Kroger team member, Glenda McDonald, told Fox 13 that she was inside the store when she heard the gunshot.

Police Surrounded The Kroger Store After The Shooting

Right after the gunshot she ran out of the front door. While fleeing several people get shot-some customers and employees,” she said. Local news stations showed a line of ambulances at the store with their lights flashing, and a group of employees gathered in the parking lot with police officers.

So, Who Is The Collierville Kroger Shooting Suspect?

The hear-wrenching incident happened about six months after a gunman opened fire inside a King Soopers grocery store. In that gunfire, ten people died, including a police officer. Injured Victims in the shooting are all in hospital.

Ambulances And Polices Rescuing The Victims Of Kroger Store Shooting

A hospital in Memphis, Regional One Health, has four patients in critical condition and five in “noncritical condition.” Baptist Memorial Hospital in Collierville has one patient, and he was discharged, and Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis has two victims currently. Likewise, one victim was in surgery, and one was in an intensive care unit.

On the other hand, the one who died in the shooting was Olivia King, a regular parishioner at the Catholic Church of the Incarnation in Collierville, Tenn. Unfortunately, the suspect’s identity is still under the radar as the police are still investigating this case.

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