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Biography / Net Worth / YouTuber · May 19, 2022

Who is Tati Westbrook? Net Worth, Earnings 2022, YouTube, Bio and Career

Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook, better known by her stage name Tati Westbrook, is an American entrepreneur, cosmetics artist, online celebrity, and YouTuber.

Her full name is Tatiana Westbrook. Her professional life began in 2010, and ever since then, she has used all of her various abilities to conquer the globe. She spent the most of her twenties working as an image consultant and other positions similar to that in the fashion and marketing industries until she turned her attention to YouTube and became a multi-millionaire there.

Tati Westbrook

Tati continues to be not just one of the most contentious but also one of the most viewed characters on YouTube as of the year 2022, having more than 9 million followers to his channel.

How much is Tati Westbrook Net Worth?

Tati Westbrook is an American Internet personality, YouTuber, businesswoman, and cosmetic artist. As of the year 2022, it is predicted that she has a net worth of $13 million dollars.

Tati Westbrook Controversies

The social media celebrity has been involved in a number of disputes over the course of the past several years, which have brought him into contact with celebrities such as James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson. The films featuring her and the other online stars immediately became popular not just on YouTube but also in many other forms of media and a number of different publications throughout the world.

At the moment, Tati’s channel continues to be one of the most-watched on the video-sharing platform, with more than 1.5 billion views. In addition, she is one of the numerous individuals on the site who is able to make millions of dollars in a shorter amount of time than a year.

How did Tati Westbrook amass such a massive fortune? Her Career

Westbrook was able to amass a large fortune thanks to his success in a variety of professions in addition to his YouTube channel. She started using the video-sharing site over six years ago, and in April of 2016, she reached one million followers.

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As a result of her achievement, YouTube awarded her the “YouTube Gold Play Button.” After another four months, she reached 2 million followers and started working with other internet personalities, both of which contributed to the further growth of her fame on YouTube.

Tati Westbrook Income: Wealth

Tati makes an estimated million dollars or more each year only from the views and subscribers on her YouTube channel. It is our best guess that she makes anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 in a single month from the (beauty) videos she posts on YouTube.

This does not take into account the sponsorship deals that are the true source of revenue for those who post videos on YouTube. Her own business, which she runs under the name “Halo Beauty Inc.”, is the origin of some of her revenue.

The business was established and started operating in February of 2018, and it sells various vitamin supplements.

Since her ascent to prominence on the site, the businesswoman has also served as the face of a number of other businesses, including Chanel, Tarte, Too Faced, OFRA, Nars, and Kylie Cosmetics, to mention just a few. In October 2019, while she was at the pinnacle of her fame, she also released her own cosmetic line under the brand name “Tati Beauty.” In a short amount of time after that, she launched her first cosmetic product, which was a textured neutrals eye makeup palette, which helped her earn a significant amount of money.

Tati Westbrook Biography: YouTube, and Early Life

Tati Westbrook was born Tatiana Aleksandra Kreivins. Her beauty channel on YouTube is frequently included on trending pages and is recognized not just by the media but also by a variety of blogs, websites, and newspapers. This is the primary source of her notoriety. She is of Latvian descent and was born on February 14, 1982 in the city of Seattle, in the state of Washington.

She is the eldest of the three younger sisters and the first of her family of four children.

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She graduated from a prestigious high school in her hometown during the early years of the new millennium and went on to launch a career as an image consultant shortly thereafter. Tatiana’s fascination with makeup and a wide variety of other cosmetics and beauty aids emerged at the same time that she began working in that field. At that time, she even became a makeup artist and an image consultant for movies and television programs such as “Unsolved Mysteries” from 1995 and “Greek” from 2007. Both of these projects were produced in the United States.

Tati devoted her complete attention to cosmetics after spending the majority of the decade of the 2000s working as an image consultant and in other occupations related to marketing and the fashion industry. As a result, she made the decision to pursue a career that is related to beauty and makeup goods. She honed her abilities and discovered her groove in a matter of a few short years, which resulted in the launch of her very own channel on YouTube in early November of the year 2010.

Her first identity was “GlamLifeGuru,” but she eventually switched to using “Tati” as her identifier on the site. Westbrook was able to learn more, and he quickly started submitting movies on a continuous basis, despite the fact that he had no prior experience with video editing or shooting material. By the year 2013, she had amassed more than one hundred thousand members.

What Are Some of the Reasons Behind Westbrook’s Success?

Her passion for cosmetics and skin care has been the driving force behind her rise to the top of the beauty industry. Her whole collection of films is mostly devoted to providing beauty and cosmetic reviews, as well as how-to guides and demonstrations. The video she uploaded to her channel for the first time in January 2011 is a review of a product called a “Buxom Smoky Eye Stick,” and it has received 178,000 views as of this writing. Her videos “BREAKING MY SILENCE…” and “JLo’s MAKEUP ARTIST Does My MAKEUP” have have more than 11 million views each, making them her most popular online content.

The controversy that surrounded Tati along with other social media gurus like James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson may have been the factor that catapulted Tati to the level of popularity she now enjoys. In May of 2019, she shared a video on her channel that lasted for the whole 45 minutes and was titled “BYE SISTER…”. The social media expert addressed James Charles in the video that had the most views and was the longest in length. In the video, she accused James Charles of “hitting on straight males and encouraging them to alter their sexual orientation.”

The film quickly rose to the top of the trending list on YouTube in several countries, including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, amongst many others. As a result, it became a worldwide sensation.

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Charles published his own video shortly after the original video achieved 47 million views, in which he responded to the allegations and offered an apology for his actions. At some point in time, Jeffree Star was also a part of the two videos, which ultimately resulted in the production of a third video by Charles dubbed “No More Lies.” The videos that were uploaded on YouTube by the two internet personalities have now been removed.

Most recently, a new controversy erupted between Westbrook and two YouTubers, and as a result, she once again received a significant amount of publicity on a global scale as a result of this. She posted the video “BREAKING MY SILENCE…” in June 2020, which was indicated before, with the intention of elaborating on her “Bye Sister” video. Tati asserts in the video that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson influenced Charles in some way. As of right now, the competition between the three remains a popular topic of discussion across the entirety of the internet.

Tati Westbrook Short Biography

Tati Westbrook has been referred to as “the mother of the beauty community” a number of times, in spite of all of the controversy that has surrounded her in the previous years. Because of this and the many other qualities she possesses, she continues to be one of the most sought-after names online.

Tati has millions of fans and is continuing to build a reputation for herself in the entertainment industry.

More information on Tati Westbrook

Date of Birth:February 14, 1982
Height:1.73 m