Who is Jonathan Toebe? bio, net worth, age, wiki, bio, wife, navy, and Diana

Jonathan Toebe, a US navy engineer, was recently detained on charges of illicit data leakage from a covert project outside the base. Find out more about the Nuclear Engineer in the sections below.

Who is Jonathan Toebe?Wiki and Bio

Jonathan Toebbe is a former nuclear engineer at the Naval Reactors, albeit his Wikipedia page is currently unavailable.

Similarly, he graduated from Emory University with a bachelor’s degree in BA – Physics & Mathematics in 2001 and a master’s degree in physics in 2004. Toebe then went on to Colorado School of Mines, where he received a master’s degree in nuclear engineering in 2012.

Jonathan Toebe

Jonathan was also an active member of the Navy until 2017 and a reserve member until July 2020. He earned his top-secret document clearance and was promoted to lieutenant in the army in 2016.

Jonathan is 42 years old, while Diana is 45 years old. Jonathan and his higher half were apprehended in Jefferson County, West Virginia, on October 9, 2021.

How Much Did The Nuclear Engineer Earn?

Moreover, Johnathan Toebe’s true salary has yet to be exposed in the public or media.
Nuclear engineers, on the other hand, earn an average of $239,456 a year. We may claim that his income was unquestionably considerable, given his career and experience in the field.

Jonathan also paid $430,000 for a three-bedroom split-level home in 2014, according to sources. In addition, Toebbe’s account had a balance of nearly $100,000 in CryptoCurrency, according to the Justice Department.

As a result, the source of his income could not be verified, making him a prime suspect in the data leak incident.

Jonathan Toebe Arrested?

Jonathan Toebe was detained with his wife for selling classified information to an unknown foreign country. The two were apprehended on October 9, 2021, while dumping an SD card holding important information.

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Military secrets were contained in the classified information, particularly on the Virginia-class nuclear submarines. According to court records, Jonathan sent a foreign government a sample of restricted data in April 2020.

An FBI agent in another country, on the other hand, got the box and began interacting with Jonathan as a government official. He was enticed by an FBI agent to trade critical information for big sums of bitcoin.

Jonathan and his wife later traveled to West Virginia. Where they dropped an SD card with important data hidden inside a peanut butter sandwich. Jonathan even admitted to the undercover FBI agent that he gathered the material over time, deliberately and methodically, and managed to get it past security checks.

Is he in a relationship? Married, Girlfriend

Jonathan Toebe and his wife Diana Toebe have been married for a long time and live in Annapolis, Maryland. Meanwhile, neither the married pair has divulged the length of their relationship.

Jonathan Toebe 1

According to rumors, his wife, Diana, is three years older than Jonathan, since she is 45 years old while Jonathan is 42. They were arrested in Jefferson County, West Virginia on October 9, 2021.

In fact, Diana was a teacher for almost ten years at Key School, where she worked as an upper-key faculty member.

Quick facts about Jonathan Toebe

Who is Jonathan Toebe?

Moreover, Jonathan is a former nuclear engineer at the Naval Reactors.

What's his net worth?

Likewise, His estimated net worth is around $300,00 USD.

What's his wife name?

Moreover, His wife’s name is Diana Toebe.

What's is his age?

Likewise, According to some sources his age is 42 years old.

Real nameJonathan Toebe
ProfessionNuclear engineer
Age42 years
SpouseDiana Toebe
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