Iran Angelo

Who is Iran Angelo? Age, Sister, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, Birthday, Biography and Family

Iran Angelo is popularly known as the ex spouse of Brazilian Soccer Player Hulk. Camila Sousa, her niece, is presently Hulk’s love interest, with whom he is expecting a child. Iran recently captured the spotlight due to this matter.

Iran Angelo

Iran is also a well known social media influencer having over 493k followers on Instagram. Hulk and Iran were married for 12 years until July 2019, when they announced their divorce. Let’s get to know about the famous ex wife of Hulk.

Who is Iran Angelo? Early Life, Age, Sister, Biography and Wiki

Iran Angelo is a social media influencer who has around 493k followers on Instagram. But she is known to be the former wife of the Football Star hulk. It is known that she was born in the early 80s. There is hardly any information on her about her family. Rather, there have been recent sparks of controversies within the family.

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It is known that Iran completed her schooling and her upper education from the educational institutions in her home town. Many online sources claim Iran to be 33 years old as of 2021. but we assume that it might be wrong, since she herself hasn’t spoken about her age.

What happened between Iran Angelo, Hulk and Camila Angelo? Marriage

Hulk was previously married to Iran Angelo de Souza, Camila’s aunt. They married in 2007 and divorced the following year. Ian, Tiego, and Alice are Hulk’s two boys and a daughter from his marriage to Iran.

Camilla and Hulk, Iran’s niece, were secretly dating. Camilla apologized to her auntie on social media, expressing her regret as well as her love and affection. Iran has yet to respond to her reassuring words. Also, it is known that Iran was devastated to hear the news.

How did it all start for Hulk and Iran Angelo?

Iran first made headlines in 2005 when she began dating Hulk. In a Brazilian restaurant in Japan, she met Hulk. They dated for two years before getting married in 2007.

She has been married to the Incredible Hulk for 12 years. Unfortunately, the pair had to split up in July of this year. Iran is presently staying in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with her kids and has a wonderful life. However, the kids usually spend time with both the couples, after all they have been a good parents to their children.

How did it all end for Iran Angelo?

Five months after the Shanghai SIPG forward married her niece, Camila Angelo. Hulk has come under criticism from his ex-wife, Iran Angelo.

Iran Angelo has turned to social media to voice her dissatisfaction with Hulk’s decision to abandon her, claiming that she feels as if she has buried her own daughter when the Brazilian legend married her niece earlier this year.

How much is Iran Angelo’s Net Worth?

Iran Angelo is estimated to have a net worth of over $400,000/- as of 2021. Besides that, her career path is unknown and most probably she has a pretty good and steady income source looking at her Instagram.

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