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Actress / Biography / Net Worth · July 7, 2022

Who is Ava James Dayoub? Biography, Father, Mother, Parents, Relationship between Parents and Parent’s Net worth.

Ava James Dayoub is the daughter of Emily Montague and the well-known actor and actress Damon Dayoub. Ava will be five years old in 2022. On May 2, 2015, Damon Dayoub and Emily Montague, Dayoub’s parents, exchanged vows.

Ava James Dayoub is a young celebrity who has recently attracted attention. She is the daughter of Emily Montague and the famed actor and actress Damon Dayoub, in case that information is unclear. Ava will be five years old in 2022. In this article, we’ve added more details about Ava and her parents. For more information, continue reading.

Who is Father of Ava James Dayoub?

American actor and producer Damon Dayoub is also known by his parents, Richard Dayoub and Andrea Evers. His mother, Andrea Evers, is a speech therapist, and his father, Richard Dayoub, is the president of the E.I. Paso Chamber of Commerce.

Ava James Dayoub

He also has two younger siblings, Emily and Sam, as well as an older sister named Danielle who works as a fitness coach. He was also born on July 14, 1980, in E.I. Paso, Texas, in the United States. Detective Quincy was his breakout character in the 2015 sci-fi series Stitchers. He never imagined himself being an actor growing up or working in the entertainment business. The University of Texas at Austin was where he studied.

Dayoub at first made national commercial appearances for well-known brands like Toyota and freecreditscore.com. He obtained acting experience through the ads and desired to appear in a television program. He relocated to Los Angeles to further his interest. He had a brief part in the 2009 action film Dead End Falls after moving to Hollywood.

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He received numerous opportunities as a result to make guest appearances on various television programs, such as Dallas, Brothers & Sisters, NCIS, and Stepping Out. He is notable for his career and height at 6 feet 3 inches and 85 kilograms.

Who is mother of Ava James Dayoub?

American actor, producer, and esthetician Emily Montague. She works as an esthetician in the Beverly Hills, California, Shani Darden Studio. Additionally, Emily became well-known for her outstanding performances in films like The Endless, Fright Night, and Days of Our Lives Abby Deveraux. She has also appeared in other movies including Scandal Jennifer, Waiting for Nana Megan, and Resolution Jennifer Danube.
The actress was born in Livingstone, New Jersey, in the United States, on August 30, 1982. She will be 38 in 2022. Additionally, Emily has avoided discussing her family in the public, making her family’s identity unclear. Moving on to her acting career, the beautiful actress started out in the entertainment business as a model for two well-known food and beverage brands.

She was given the chance to appear in the short film “Paper or Plastic” thanks to the advertisements. Following that, a lot of filmmakers and movies were interested in working with Emily, and in 2003 she had a breakthrough in the film business by getting her first series, Cold Case. After that, he appeared in shows like Beauty in the Chaos, Close to Home, and the venerable Days of Our Lives.

How is the Relation Between Ava James Dayoub Parents?

On May 2, 2015, Damon Dayoub and Emily Montague, Dayoub’s parents, exchanged vows. The bride and groom invited their parents, siblings, and friends to the wedding, which was held in private. You can learn about Jamal Adeen Thomas and K.J. Malone, two other famous children. Before getting married to Chris D’Elia, Emily, Ava’s mother, was a well-known stand-up comedian, author, actor, and podcast host.

In addition, he is well recognized for playing Henderson in the Netflix psychological thriller series You and Alex Miller on the NBC comedy Whitney. Emily and Chris wed on July 29, 2006. However, the pair was unable to continue their relationship, and they separated in 2010. Following the divorce, Emily started dating Dayoub, the father of Ava.

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After dating for a while, the pair made the decision to be married. Ava James Dayoub, their daughter, was later born in December 2017 by Emily. The couple also had their second daughter in 2021. The couple has been living together since the day they first met. Ava and her parents are currently enjoying a contented existence in Los Angeles.

How much Ava James Dayoub Parents worth?

Regarding the Ava parents’ wealth, they have amassed a substantial sum of money through their fruitful careers. Emily Montague, who started off as Ava’s mother, works in the entertainment sector, which does give her a lot of fame and wealth. Her fortune has greatly increased in value as a result of her lucrative acting profession. Esthetician. The actress’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $2.5 million.

On July 8, 2022, the American actress earned an average of $59,301, per salary. Nevertheless, the pay typically falls between $48,801 and $72,401. She appears to make a similar income, if not more, than that. She also makes money from other sources, such as endorsements, branding, and commercials. She also makes money by marketing her own skin care items.

Moving on to the fortune of the Ava father, actor Damon Dayoub will have a staggering net worth of $11 million in 2022. The majority of his wealth has come from his acting profession. He has also appeared in numerous television shows and motion pictures, such as Chicago Fire, Grace and Frankie, and The Morning and Show. He is currently residing in a house in Los Angeles with her wife and children and leading a luxury lifestyle.