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Biography / DJ / Famous People / musician / Net Worth · March 9, 2022

What was the cause behind DJ Dimplez’s death? Family, Wife & Age

South African disk jockey and musician Tumi Mooi aka DJ Dimplez had put up the hip-hop culture in today’s standard of South Africa industry. Mooi has contributed in the songs like “Usabani” , “The Don”,”What a night” and more that has been no more between his followers.

DJ Dimplez picture
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DJ Dimplez was actually born and raised at Cape-Town. He was not aware regarding his hidden skills of Disk Jockey and that was the reason that he never had imagined about becoming an eminent DJ. This renowned DJ depart his life at a very young age of 28 which was a shock to everyone.

How and when did Dimplez died ?

As per the latest sources it has been declared that Dimplez’s demise at his apartment was due to brain hemorrhage. The crushing news of Dimplez death was confirmed along with one of his family member ; Shekeshe Mokgosi official statement .It is a huge loss for South Africa hip-hop industry.

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After people began to know about the horrid news of Dimplez’s death they started paying tribute to his soul through their social media. For all his followers 6th March 2022 was definitely a very disheartening day. Many celebs were still shocked after knowing about the bitter truth which was inconceivable.

DJ Tumi last post
DJ Tumi last post
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Not only his fans but many known public personality like “Gigi LaManye” and “Anga Makubalo” has expressed their sorrow by their comment at Dimplez last post which has been indicating the shock they got . Their comments were like:

CANNOT be.I refuse 💔💔💔💔💔💔

Gigi LaManye

Awu dawg 💔💔💔

Anga Makubalo

May his departed soul rest in peace.

Who are there in Dimplez family?

Regarding Dimplez’s love life or spouse it is still a mystery for everyone. Dimplez’s girlfriend or wife hasn’t been captured by media till he date. It clearly seemed to leave the public with one reason i.e he might have wanted his personal life to be secretive in order to stay away from rumors and unnecessary scandals.

DJ Tumi family picture
DJ Tumi family picture
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Dimplez had kept his personal life behind the camera.He hadn’t disclose any memories of his with his family in-front of media verbally but once he did shared a picture with his family where there was his mother,father and two sisters. Though being public figure he always managed to keep this matter discreet.

Late DJ Dimplez’s Memoir

Real NameTumi Mooi
AKADJ Dimplez
ProfessionDisk Jockey
Date of BirthAugust 1992
Place of BirthCape Town, South Africa
Net Worth$1 Million
Date of Death6th March 2022

Most Asked Questions

How old was DJ Dimplez ?

There has been certain confusion in the matter of DJ Dimplez’s age due to unsure birth dates and month of his.Through the zodiac sign and latest reliable sources it has been predicted that Dimplez was already 28 years old till the year of his death i.e 2022.

How much was the net worth of DJ Dimplez?

While Dimplez was alive he never spoke or reveal his net-worth to the public moreover his major source of income was on account of his career as professional musician.

Hence it is quite suspicious but by all the valid report of different resources DJ Dimplez’s net worth can be guesstimated till $1 Million of the year 2022 AD.

Is DJ Dimplez still alive?

No,the news of DJ Dimplez’s death in the hospital has been confirmed through different medias, public figure moreover it has been officially confirmed by Dimplez’s family as well.

What happened before DJ Dimplez passed away?

On 5th Mach DJ Dimplez posted his last post which was captured by “Mxjor Media”.Later it was shared that just the day ago when Dimplez was asked if he was okay as a respond he turn down the topic by saying he didn’t want to talk about it.