Tina Pourani

Tina Pourani

Who thought that a high school teacher who shares knowledge could do a horrific deed? Well, the case of sexual harassment is a serious topic to deal with. Further, if a person holding a respected position does such things, society can’t progress in the right direction.

A major headline broke out when a former middle-high school teacher, Talia Sisco, and her friend, Tina Pourani, were arrested on June 14, 2018. People were shocked that the “best friends” since high school were involved in Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with Minors.

The two women used social media to lure the boys aged between 15 and 17 into sexual acts as investigators and detectives.  As per sources, Pourani was released on $60,000 bail, while Sisco was initially held without bail before being released on June 18 on $70,000 bail.

Personal Life Of Tina Pourani

Tina’s current residence is in California’s San Jose, and she attended Saratoga High School. She is a US citizen and is of white ethnicity. Brunette Tina and Talia have been friends since their high school years in Saratoga High School.

Saratoga High School, where Tina met her best friend, Talia
Saratoga High School, where Tina met her best friend, Talia.
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Hourani was a cross country runner during her high school days. She has resigned from her job as a teacher and is probably jobless at present. She was lucky enough to be able to pay the bail for her release.

Tina Pourani’s Friend Talia Sisco

Like Tina, Talia is also a graduate of Saratoga High School and lives in San Jose. She is 177.8 cm tall, blonde, and a year older than Tina. Sisco was an avid athlete in high school and excelled in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Also, Read About Sela Vave and Melanie Perkins.

Talia was an athlete during her high school years
Talia was an athlete during her high school years.
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Talia was a teacher at Bernal Middle School, but the sexual victims were not enrolled there. Surprisingly, the sexual criminal graduated with an English degree with Magna Cum Laude honors at the university. She was among the 9,900 graduates of San Diego State University’s Commencement Ceremonies, but only were celebrations graduate like her.

Sexual Deviants- Tina and Talia

Tina and her best friend categorize themselves as “sexual deviants” charged by the officials for luring and involving in sex with teenage boys. Police arrested the two women at their homes in South Bay, California.

Tina(left) and Talia(right) at Santa Clara County Sheriffs Office
Tina(left) and Talia(right) at Santa Clara County Sheriffs Office.
Source: New York Post

Tina and her pal Talia reportedly had sexual intercourse multiple times with 15 to 16-year-old boys. They knew the victim’s family and friends and eventually got in touch with them via social media.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Detective Vicente Mitre told;

They were boasting and bragging about these sex acts with minors, using words such as ‘sexual deviants,’ such as ‘going to hell’ because of their actions.

Similarly, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith added;

The protection of our children is always a top priority for our agency. I am grateful these predators got the justice. If there are other victims still out there, please come forward.

The detectives gathered extensive evidence of a graphic sexual nature in the course of the investigation. The duo faced several charges like; oral copulation of a minor, contributing to minors’ negligence, and arranging minors to commit a sex offense.

Tina was freed from all the charges by bailing $60,000, but her partner Talia is still serving a sentence at the Elmwood Complex Woman’s Facility.

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