Sonya Nicole Hamlin | Idris Elba’s Ex-Wife, Bio, Career, and Net Worth

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is an American lawyer who is most known for being the ex-wife of English actor Idris Elba. She was born in 1974 in the United States of America. Her ex-husband is most recognized for his portrayal of the Marvel Comics superhero “Thor” in multiple films. He also  appeared in the films “The Jungle Book,” “Molly’s Game,” and “Pacific Rim.”

Biography of Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Sonya Nicole was born in the United States, but her family later relocated to London and settled in Notting Hill, where she grew up and studied before returning to the United States to further her legal studies. She relocated to Washington and began practicing real estate law.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin biography: Who is Idris Elba's ex wife?

This area of law focuses on real estate property ownership and tenancy. Property law is divided into various categories. Property lawyers are frequently involved in cases involving ownership disputes, land rights, property transfers, proper possession, leasing, and a variety of other issues. She practices law in Washington after finishing her education, and she started her career when she met Idris Elba. He had already established himself as an actor in several English and American projects at this time, but he had yet to get his big break in the profession.

Ex-Husband; Idris Elba

Idris Elba is popular for his work as a filmmaker, producer, rapper, and DJ in addition to acting. He rose to prominence after portraying narcotics trafficker Stringer Bell in the HBO series “The Wire.” He also played the titular character on the sitcom “Luther” and played Nelson Mandela in the biographical film “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” Throughout his long career, he has been nominated for numerous awards, including a Golden Globe. He’s acted in films like “American Gangster” and “Prometheus” in recent years.

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He’s well recognized for his role as Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which he initially played in 2011’s “Thor.” The character is based on the Norse god Heimdall, who is depicted as an all-seeing, all-hearing keeper of Asgard’s Bifrost. As Heimdall, he worked on a number of films, including the Thor sequels, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” He was also nominated for his performances in “Molly’s Game” and “Beasts of No Nation.” He also plays as a DJ under the pseudonym DJ Big Driis or Big Driis the Londoner, in addition to his acting activities.

Relationship and Marriage

Elba was married to Hanne “Kim” Norgaard before meeting Hamlin, and they had a kid before their marriage terminated in 2003. Desiree Newberry, a pole dancer, was his next girlfriend. Sonya and Idriss met in 2005 through a mutual friend, when she was just starting her legal career and working in a small office with about ten people. Soon after, the two began dating and eventually moved in together in Maryland. During their romance, the two is popular to frequent Las Vegas.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Wiki (Idris Elba's Ex-wife) Age, Biography

During this time, the two decided to marry, and the ceremony took place in 2006 at the Kittie White Wedding Chapel with only an estate agent as a witness. However, they only lived together for four months before divorcing — according to sources, Idris was having trouble finding work while Sonya was doing well in hers, causing tensions in their relationship that eventually led to divorce. According to later reports, the two chose to split up because Sonya spent more time at work, causing a fracture in their relationship. She was also unable to join Idris in Los Angeles because he was pursuing an acting job there, compounding their troubles.


Elba wanted them to stay in Los Angeles so they could be closer to the entertainment scene, while Hamlin wanted to stay in Nevada where her career was thriving. Elba’s acquaintances convinced him that she was a bad omen in his life and that his previous relationships also hampered their marriage, she added. According to some accounts, Elba’s marriage to Hamlin doomed because he wanted to maintain his status as a sex symbol, and marriage wasn’t helping.

What Do We Know About Sonya Nicole Hamlin Apart from a Brief Marriage? |  The Washington Independent

Their divorce was first filed in Maryland in 2006, but state law required the couple to be married for at least a year before filing. After then, their paperwork was filed in Las Vegas. Despite their divorce, she continues to support his pursuits on occasion, albeit she rarely makes public appearances. She is single, according to multiple accounts, and enjoys watching boxing events in her spare time. She also enjoys music and chocolate. Sonya owns a home in Maryland worth over $500,000 that is close to the seaside because she enjoys being near the water. Idris, on the other hand, has progressed in his relationships and is now engaged to Sabrina Dowhre.

Net worth

According to sources, she has a net worth of over $2 million, which she has amassed through a successful legal profession. Her fortune has also grown as a result of her friendship with Idris Elba, who has a net worth of over $20 million. It is believed that her riches would expand as she continues her pursuits.

Quick facts about Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Who is Sonya Nicole Hamlin?

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is an American lawyer who is most known for being the ex-wife of English actor Idris Elba. She was born in 1974 in the United States of America. Her ex-husband is most recognized for his portrayal of the Marvel Comics superhero “Thor” in multiple films. He also  appeared in the films “The Jungle Book,” “Molly’s Game,” and “Pacific Rim.”

How old is she?

Sonya Nicole was born in the United States, but her family later relocated to London. She is 47 years old.

Who is her ex- husband?

Elba was married to Hanne “Kim” Norgaard before meeting Hamlin, and they had a kid before their marriage terminated in 2003.

How much is her net worth?

According to sources, she has a net worth of over $2 million, which she has amassed through a successful legal profession.

Full NameSonya Nicole Hamlin
Age47 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
EducationDegree in Law
SpouseIdris Elba
Net worth$2 Million
Social MediaNot Active
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