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Birth of Children · January 8, 2021

Ryan and Chrysti Welcomes 2nd Baby Secretly

It is no big surprise that the Ryan and Chrysti family got a little large with the second addition of a child to their family secretly.

The star of 9-1-1 and his girlfriend let the cat out of the bag in an instagram post this Thursday which welcomes the second addition to the family. What more! It is a baby girl who has been annointed with the name Genevieve Valentina Guzman. This is a real surprise to many that were in the dark as this info was not shared to many within the fold.

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Chrysti Ann’s Instagram Message

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Chrysti Ann’s Instragram Message

“Welcome to this crazy world mi hijita. Your mom, brother, and me are so happy you finally blessed us with your presence,” Guzman, 33, posted alongside a black-and-white pic of Ane, 27, holding their new bundle of joy while at the hospital and him lovingly looking at the two. “Remember your family has your back por siempre. Love, Papa.”

The Actress from Brazil posted two of the same photos on instragram, one in black and white and the other in color. It was simply to make a confusion that she had been pregnant for the entire lockdown quarantine period.

In here instragram statement she says that they had welcomed their little lady Genevieve Valentine Guzman into the world that day at 5:50 PM. She continues to say that she and Ry had decided to be a bit selfish that time around and had kept that journey between them and continues to add that she is very happy that they did that. It had been so special for them.

In April Ryan shared with the ET Magazine, what the first few weeks of life in the lockdown quarantine had been for him and his family.

He had then said that it was great watching his little bro cup boy in front of him. The connecting with him was incredible. He then marveled that he and his girl were the most connected that had ever been in their whole relationship as they got to stay at the same joint together.

Congrats to the newly increase family of Ryan and Chrysti with the birth of the daughter from Latest Celebs.