Roman Anthony Lopez

Roman Anthony Lopez Goes Missing Update: Father and Stepmother Charged with Murder.

Roman Anthony Lopez, an 11-year-old California kid whose corpse was discovered in a storage bin in his family’s basement. They have been charged with murder by prosecutors in his own state.

According to the Mountain Democrat, El Dorado County Chief Assistant District Attorney Joe Alexander said, “Last Thursday we filed an amended complaint that adds a murder allegation against both of the Pipers.”

Roman Anthony Lopez

Jordan and Lindsay Piper were arrested in February on allegations of poisoning, child abuse, and torture, among other things.

How did Roman Anthony Lopez Missing?

On January 11, 2020, Roman was reported missing. During a check of his family’s home the next day, investigators discovered his remains in a storage container in the basement.

Roman lived with his father, stepmother, and seven other children. Ranging in age from one to seventeen years old, at the time of his death, according to Placerville police.

“Roman was discovered to be badly emaciated and dehydrated at the time of his death. Despite an autopsy revealing no visible damage,” according to the press statement. Investigators did notice one thing, though: Roman had supposedly suffered before his death.

“Roman was discovered to be badly emaciated and dehydrated at the time of his death, despite an autopsy revealing no visible damage,” according to the press statement.

The couple’s attorney information was unavailable on Tuesday. Lindsey Piper is being held in the El Dorado County Jail on a $1.3 million charge. While Jordan Piper is being held on a $1.05 million bail, according to jail records.

Why are Father and Stepmother Charged with Murder?

Jordan Piper is also accused with willfully neglecting to give the kid with food and drink. Lindsay Piper is facing a second allegation of poisoning, according to Wren.

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Because the inquiry is continuing, Wren said he couldn’t go into more detail about Roman’s mistreatment.

“I can tell you we have evidence that demonstrates each of the offenses they were arrested for beyond a reasonable doubt,” he added.

The Pipers were apprehended in Calaveras County and sent to the Placerville prison in El Dorado County. It wasn’t immediately known whether they had a lawyer who can speak for them.

Their arraignments are set for November 19th.

Why did the investigation take so long? Roman Anthony Lopez Case

A move to amend was made approximately two years after Roman’s death. Prosecutors decided that there was enough evidence to raise the accusations to murder.

“I couldn’t figure out why it took so long.” “It was fairly evident, they discovered him right there,” said Julie Clark, a Placerville neighbor.

Roman Anthony Lopez Parents

Investigators may have been able to put together what happened to Roman as a result of this, according to them.

When Roman was discovered dead in his family home in January 2020, his neighbors in Placerville recall the panic that swept the area.

The Pipers were arrested for child abuse and torture just over a year later. Lindsay was accused with poisoning as well.

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