Ramzi Habibi: Who is he? His family? Relationship? Net Worth?

Ramzi Habibi is an attractive financier who married Albanian-American actress Masiela Lusha. Her role with Oaktree’s U.S. High Yield Bonds branch is well-known.

Ramzi Habibi. His relationship status? His spouse?

Habibi married actress Masiela Lusha in 2013 and they have been together since since.

The couple was first photographed together in 2012, sparking rumors that they were having an affair. The couple got engaged in July 2013 and announced their engagement after dating for a while.

The date of their wedding has been set for December 28, 2013. It was a fairy tale wedding on Wanaka Peak in Queenstown, New Zealand. Even the weather was perfect that day, with a brilliant blue sky and gentle breezes contributing to the elegance of the ceremony.

Heli Weddings NZ was there to help the couple tie the knot. For their wedding celebration, they flew two helicopters from Queenstown to Wanaka and Coromandel Peak. They were both breathtakingly beautiful as bride and groom.

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After exchanging vows in front of their closest friends and family members, they became husband and wife. Only their immediate relatives attended their wedding reception, which was tiny and personal.

On February 13, 2018, he and his wife welcomed their first child. They also have a son, Landon, whom they are extremely proud of.

Landon Lusha, their son, has grown up and appears to be an angel. He will be three years old in 2021.

They still act like newlyweds and are in the honeymoon phase despite being married for eight years. They are, however, the couple goals that everyone is looking forward to.

Ramzi Habibi

Ramzi Habibi. About his wife?

Masiela Lusha is an Albanian-American actor, novelist, producer, and humanitarian who was born in America to Max and Daniela Lusha. Lusha is most known for her role as Carmen Lopez in the ABC sitcom George Lopez, which has a global audience.

She was nominated for two Young Artist Awards in a row for Leading Young Actress in a Comedy or Drama. After making the transition to cinema, she starred in Sony Pictures’ Blood: The Last Vampire. Lusha also starred opposite David Hasselhoff and Ian Ziering in the science fiction television film Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.

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Ramzi Habibi. Net Worth? How much money does he make?

Habibi’s net worth is unknown and under investigation, however he is certainly worth millions of dollars as a banker. His many business investments have helped him amass enormous wealth.

The amount of salary he earns is kept hidden from the public eye. On the other hand, his wife Masiela has a net worth of $2 million.

Ramzi Habibi. Is he available on any social media platform?

Despite the fact that he married a celebrity, he is a very private person who prefers to keep his personal life hidden. As a result, he is not active on social media, but her wife Masiela Lusha is. She has 77k Instagram followers, where she shares adorable photos of herself with her husband Ramzi Habibi and her son.

Ramzi Habibi. His general information.

NameMasiela Lusha
Spouse(s)/Partner(s)Ramzi Habibi

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