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Paloma Cuevas, Enrique Ponce’s wife, is a Spanish bullfighter. Ponce also competed in over a hundred corridas over the course of 10 years.

Cuevas is most known for her performance in the movie Heart, Heart. She’s also appeared on series like The Last Supper, Heart if, It’s Happening, and Sabor a Verano.

She also launched Piccolo Mondo, a children’s furniture company, in 2011.

Enrique Ponce’s girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas, is a Spanish model and businesswoman. She is well-known for being the wife of famed bullfighter Enrique Ponce.

Biography of Paloma Cuevas

Cuevas died when he was 48 years old. She was born in 1972, and her birthday is September 11th every year.
Victoriano Valencia, a well-known bullfighter, and Paloma Diaz, her mother, gave birth to Paloma. Veronica, her younger sister, was born after her older brother, Victorian, died of a heart attack.
She is from Spain, as we all know. As a result, she must have finished her education in her hometown. However, the specifics of her education have yet to be revealed.

Relationship Status

Enrique Ponce is Paloma Cuevas’s husband. Ponce de Leon is a well-known bullfighter from Spain.

The two lovebirds married the knot on October 25, 1996. The couple’s two daughters are Paloma Ponce and Bianca Ponce Cuevas. Bianca was born on January 9, 2012, and Paloma was born on April 27, 2008. The couple, on the other hand, has split up and believed that if they must go to trial, it will be done in a civilized manner. Paloma is the one in charge of the kids. However, according to Lavanguardia, no information about the distribution of material things exists. Her husband, Enrique Ponce, is currently dating Ana Soria.

Career Journey ofEnrique Ponce

He suffered a major goring on March 18, 2014, while bullfighting a bull from the Victorinao del Ro farm to open the Las Fallas festival in Valencia. He broke his clavicle and multiple ribs. His assistant bullfighter, Mariano de la Via, carried him from the field.

In ten years, he completed over 100 corridas. Ponce de Leon was the first torero to compete in more than 2000 corridas in history. Enrique gained this mark in Ronda on September 4, 2010.

He made his first public appearance in the Plaza de Toros in Baeza (Jaén) on August 10, 1986. He made his debut in Castellon as a Novillero on March 9, 1988, alongside Curro Trillo and Jose Luis Torres.

Enrique attended Valencia’s Escuela Taurina until 1986, when he went public in Baeza.
Alfonso Enrique Ponce Martnez, well known as Enrique Ponce, is a well-known Spanish bullfighter who was born in Chiva, Valencia, Spain, on December 8, 1971.

Unique Opportunity ofPaloma Cuevas

Paloma Daz was a brilliant talent in her own time. His retirement to rearing and household life was eclipsed by the brilliance of other members of his family over the years.

Andrés Daz Arcos, a businessman, is her father. Flamenco was his style. Paco Reyes and Gloria Librán Dance School were her teachers.
In the book ‘Amores y desamores bullfighters,’ Benjamin Bentura Remacha narrates his story. Paloma, he says, stood out in the tablao at school.

The teenage bailaora was then handed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He gave a performance in the Lope de Vega Theater in Madrid, where his talent astounded many.

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Francisco Rovira Beleta, the director, discovered her there. He was enthralled with the potential of a young Paloma there. He offered to play the lead in ‘El amor brujo.’

Paloma refused for reasons that are unclear. That was also the last time he performed in front of an audience.

The film was made, and it went on to become a huge hit. It received an Academy Award nomination for best foreign-language picture.
It was director Francisco Rovira Beleta’s second time achieving this international milestone. The first opportunity came when his picture ‘Los Tarantos’ was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category.

Net Worth

Paloma Cuevas is a well-known model and businesswoman, and her net worth is reported to be approximately $500,000. Her true net worth and career earnings, on the other hand, are unknown.

On the other hand, her husband, Enrique Ponce, is said to have a net worth of more than $2 million. Despite the fact that he has yet to publicly reveal his exact worth. His earnings are mostly generated from his bullfighting career.

Quick facts about Paloma Cuevas

Who is Paloma Cuevas?

Paloma Cuevas, Enrique Ponce’s wife, is a Spanish bullfighter. Ponce also competed in over a hundred corridas over the course of 10 years.

How old is she?

She was 48 years old when she died.

Who is her husband?

Enrique Ponce is the name of her husband.

Is she available on social medias?

Paloma Cuevas has approximately 177 Twitter followers and 159K Instagram followers with 121 posts.
At the same time, his YouTube subscribers total 3.82K, and over three thousand people have viewed her videos on YouTube.

Full NamePaloma Cuevas
Zodiac SignN/A
Net Worth $2 million
Single/ In a relationshipMarried
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseEnrique Ponce
ChildrenTwo Children
Height   N/A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight
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