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Biography / Crime / Net Worth · May 16, 2022

On Twitter, who is Wyatt_Coto? Buffalo Mass Shooting Video on Twitch, Watch

Wyatt Coto is the Twitter user that released a viral video of a mass shooting in Buffalo that is presently trending.


Video of the Buffalo Mass Shooting

Less than two minutes after the mayhem began, Twitch shut down a broadcast by the Buffalo grocery store massacre suspect.

In a supermarket, the suspected gunman, an 18-year-old White guy, murdered ten people and wounded three more.

The surge of violent content on social media networks has made it hard for businesses to keep up.

As a result, although some may praise Twitch’s achievements, others may be negative.

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As he pulled into the Tops store parking lot, the footage was captured from the shooter’s perspective.

Who was the gunman of buffalo mass shooting?

The shooter has been identified as Payton Gendron of Conklin, New York.

The Caucasian 18-year-old arrived in the parking lot after driving from a little hamlet about 320 kilometers (200 miles) southeast of Buffalo.

He surrendered and dropped the pistol during the encounter after some persuasion from the authorities.

Gendron used a helmet camera and live-streamed the shooting to a tiny Twitch audience for many minutes before the site took him down.

Even though the pistol used in the incident was lawfully bought, extra magazines could not be sold in New York.

Gendron was arrested and charged with murder in front of a judge in a paper medical robe after the event. He’s pleaded not guilty and will appear in court on May 19.

Early Life of Wyatt_Coto and His Age and Family

Wyatt’s age is still unknown. All of his personal information has been kept up to date. We do know, however, that he is an American by nationality.

We will update this area when additional information about him becomes available in the media.

Which school and university did he attend? What was his main focus?

Right now, we don’t have much information on his educational background. His high school and university education are both being investigated.

What does he do for living? His Profession and Career

The occupation and professional background of Wyatt_Coto are unknown.

His Earnings and Net Worth

Wyatt’s net worth is unknown at this time. Pabon’s earnings and pay are all being scrutinized.

Relationship Status of Wyatt_Coto

There are currently no details about Wyatt’s dating status.

His Social Media Status

His Twitter handle is Wyatt_Coto. His other social media accounts, however, have no further information.

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His Physical Appearance

Hair colorUnknown
Eye colorUnknown
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Some more facts of him

Zodiac signUnknown
Relationship StatusUnknown