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Actress / Net Worth / News · May 16, 2022

Obituary: Pallavi Dey Biography, Net Worth, Passes Away and Family

Pallavi Dey was a Bengali actress who rose to prominence in the Indian television industry after portraying Gauri in the film Mon Mane Na.

She might also be seen in films like Ami Sirajer, Resham Japi, Saraswati Prem, and others.

Pallavi Dey has died. How Did She Pass Away?

Pallavi Dey was found dead in her Kolkata residence in Garfa. Her corpse was discovered in her apartment on a Sunday morning.

Pallavi Dey has died. How Did She Pass Away?

“Based on early inquiry, it seems to be a suicide case,” officials said. Her corpse was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan. The body has been submitted for a post-mortem examination.

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The Bengal Police have started their investigation after filing a case of unnatural death. The Bengali television actress was well known for her role as Gauri in the Bengali drama ‘Mon Mane Na.’ She’s also starred in films like Resham Japi and Saraswati Prem.

Pallavi Age, Family, and Childhood

Pallavi Dey’s age was unknown at the time of publication of this article. Her birthday is February 27th. Dey has an Asian ethnic heritage and is of Indian descent.

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Her early life, as well as her family, have yet to be revealed.

Pallavi Dey’s Professional Life What was her line of work?

Pallavi Dey was a Bengali television actress. In the television series “Ami Siraj’s Begum,” she portrayed Siraj’s wife Lutfa.

Following that, she appeared in the Colors Bangala serial “Resham Jhampi” as the second lead. She has also been in the popular TV programs “Kunjchaya” and “Saraswati Prem.”

Was Pallavi Dey dating anyone? What was her relationship status?

Pallavi Dey’s death has sparked several theories among her followers, including that she died as a result of her marital problems. The police probe, on the other hand, has yielded no results.

Similarly, many of her co-stars have remained silent in the wake of her death. According to a close friend, she appeared in a good mood a few days ago. She attended an event with a friend to view movies together. However, she was experiencing problems with her partner in the interim.

Pallavi Dey’s net worth. How much money does she make?

Pallavi Dey’s net worth has remained unknown as of May 2022.

Which school and university did she attend?

She was a model before becoming an actor, and after graduating from the Santragachi Bhunumati Girls High School, she appeared in various Bengali advertisements.

Was she on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform?

Pallavi Dey might be found on social media. Her Instagram and Facebook profiles have amassed a sizable fan base.