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Emmette Dillon was an up-and-coming American model and media personality who was gradually balancing his professional and personal lives. He did a lot to aid those struggling with comparable ailments as a kind guy who was grieving his mother’s loss from cancer. He was also a family man with many supporters in his life as a terrific brother, son, and uncle.
The loss of such a person, who was good with his growing fan base and his lovely small family. Is heartbreaking for those who knew him well. People appear to be quite interested in learning more about what led to his death, as well as details about his age and family, following the latest rumors of his death.

Biography of Emmette Dillon

Emmette Dillon, the missing Derry model who was recently discovered dead, was 33 years old. However, there is no evidence about his precise birth date. Based on the many sources that have provided information about him, we have calculated his age.

Emmette Dillon

His late mother, who passed away from cancer, was undoubtedly the most significant part of him. He has a twin brother as well. Emmette was a great uncle, according to his brother, which means he had nieces or nephews who were also members of his family. Many people have expressed their condolences to his family and expressed their sincere sympathy through various social media posts.

Net worth

There is no information on his net worth, but it appears that he has made enough money from his job; he was definitely earning a substantial salary and collecting a substantial net worth. In addition, his job was his principal source of income.

Relationship status

Emmette is a secretive person when it comes to his personal information. As a result, we know very little about his love life and relationships. He appeared to be keeping it hidden. There are reports that he has been dating his girlfriend for a long time, but he has yet to confirm any of the claims. As a result, we can assume he’s single right now.

Emmette Dillon 1

His romantic life has also never been a source of concern in the past. There is no information about his previous female partnerships.


Emmette Dillon worked as a producer, writer, model, presenter, and public relations executive, as well as a staff nurse. He was a person who put forth a lot of effort.
The 33-year-old launched a campaign in 2015 to encourage people to look for signs of cancer after his mother died of the disease at the age of 45.

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After being chosen to compete in a worldwide beauty contest in 2018, he pledged to expose Northern Ireland’s “mental health epidemic” to the world stage.

Quick facts about Emmette Dillon

Who is Emmette Dillon?

Emmette Dillon was an up-and-coming American model and media personality who was gradually balancing his professional and personal lives.

How did he died?

The cause of Derry model Emmette Dillon’s death has yet to be publicly established, but the evidence points to a suicide, according to netizens.

What Was The Age Of The Missing Derry Model?

The age of the missing Derry model Emmette Dillon who was
recently found dead was 33 years old.

Was he married?

Emmette Dillon was a devoted family man with a lovely family. He wasn’t married and didn’t have a biological family of his own generation, but he did have a family.

Real nameEmmette Dillon
Age33 years old
Marital statusN/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Zodiac sign N/A
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