Meredith Bagans. Who is she? Her family? Relationship?

Meredith Bagans is an American media figure who is best known for being the older sister of Zak Bagans, a television personality, actor, paranormal investigator, and book. He also hosts ‘Ghost Adventures,’ a paranormal documentary and reality television show. His television series first aired on the Travel Channel, however it is now available on the Discovery+ channel as of 2021.

‘Ghost Adventures’ follows his crew of four as they visit haunted houses and locales, spending a night in the background with cameras and equipment set up to film anything unusual or spooky. Zak has mentioned his sister on his show several times, and she has also appeared in several episodes.

Meredith Bagans. Her Age, Family and Early Life?

Meredith Bagans was born on June 4, 1974, in Washington, D.C., to a mother named Nancy June Knapp and a father named Larry Bagans. Her mother was a visual stylist and interior designer, while her father was a salesperson. In Glen Ellyn, Illinois, she was born and reared by her parents with her brother, Zachary Alexander Bagans (also known as Zak Bagans).

Unfortunately, their parents divorced, and Meredith’s mother remarried Thomas Knapp, Zak’s stepfather. Sky Knapp and Phil Knapp are her half-brothers from her mother’s second marriage. Aside from that, she is 46 years old and belongs to the Gemini zodiac sign.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information available on Meredith Bagans’ educational background or qualifications. It is presumed, however, that she completed her high school education at one of the local Illinois schools where she was nurtured.

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Meredith is of Caucasian ethnicity and maintains an American nationality. Her brother, on the other hand, is of Italian, Irish, German, French-Canadian, Scottish, Native American, and some Chippewa (Ojibwe) origin. Unfortunately, there is currently no information available about her religious background or beliefs.

Meredith Bagans

Meredith Bagans. What does she do for living? Her Career?

Unfortunately, there is no information available on Meredith Bagans’ occupation. It is presumed, however, that she does not sit about doing nothing and is working to keep herself occupied. It is assumed that she earns a respectable salary doing what she does and that she lives happily with her husband and family.

Meredith Bagans. Her Relationship Status? Her spouse?

Bagans is currently married to Michael Mixer, who is her husband’s name. However, there is currently no additional information on her husband’s career or family background available. Similarly, no information has been released about their early dating days, how they met, or when they married. Despite the paucity of information, it is known that she is happily married to her husband, who provides her with a lot of support and care.

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Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer, the couple’s two children, were born after their marriage. In their home in the United States of America, they enjoy a lovely life as a family. Apart from that, the children are frequently visited by their uncle Zak, and images of Zak and his nieces may be found online.

Meredith Bagans. Is she available on any social media platform?

Meredith prefers to keep her personal life private and away from the spotlight of social media. Her name appears on an Instagram account (@meredith.mixer), but it has not been verified. Because the account is secret, it’s also difficult to tell if Zak Bagans’ sister Meredith or someone else has the same name. Aside from that, she isn’t on any other social media networks, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Meredith Bagans. Net Worth. How much does she make?

Bagans’ professional career alongside her husband’s professional career is not known to the public. Because of this reason, it is not possible to determine her exact net worth at the moment. However, it is assumed that she has an estimated net worth above $100,000.

Full NameMeredith Bagans
Birth DateApril 5, 1977
Birth PlaceWashington, District of Columbia
Height6 feet 0 inches
EducationMotion Picture Institute
Net Worth$5 million
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