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Biography / News · May 17, 2022

Meet Shane Bazzi: Defamation Case Over Peter Dutton. Wins Case

In February of the previous year, a refugee advocate filed a lawsuit against Mr. Shane Bazzi because of the tweets he had written in which he was accused of being “an apologist for rape.” Due to the damages that were caused on Mr. Dutton’s property, Bazzi was forced to pay $35,000 in addition to part of Mr. Dutton’s legal bills. The late-night tweet that consisted of only six words and was made by Bazzi gained thirteen retweets before it was ultimately deleted.

Shane Bazzi

It became public knowledge that Mr. Dutton had been victorious in the entire lawsuit. However, later on, the Federal court overturned Peter Dutton’s defamation win based on a refugee advocate’s tweet that was just six words long.

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There is a lack of clarity on the events that took place; however, Bazzi was successful in having his appeal heard by the entire Court of the Federal Court, which resulted in the ruling from December being reversed and the matter being dropped altogether.

Who is Shane Bazzi, and what was his childhood like? Family, and Age

Shane Bazzi is a refugee who was successful in his defamation case against Peter Dutton last year. The case centered on Dutton’s deletion of six words from a tweet.

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On the other hand, the internet remains silent on his childhood and adolescence.

What is Shane Bazzi’s estimated net worth at this time?

There is as of yet no information on the net profits of Shane Bazzi.

Who is Shane Bazzi Wife? Relationship

There is no information provided regarding Mr. Bazzi’s family or his relationships with other people. On none of the sites we checked, the answer to the question of whether or not he is married was set in stone.

Is he accessible via any of the many forms of social media?

Our sources have not been successful in compiling the information required on his social media status.

The Profession of Shane Bazzi

There has been no debate or clarification regarding the highlights of Bazzi’s career anywhere on the internet.

Academic Background.

There is no information provided on the level of schooling that Shane possesses. It is unknown where he received his schooling or what degree he holds, thus neither can be determined with certainty.