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Business Owner / Net Worth · May 29, 2022

Meet Jac Vanek: Career, Earnings, Net Worth and Relationship Status

Jac Vanek is a businesswoman from the United States who is also known for co-hosting podcasts with two other female broadcasters. She has a bright business mind and excellent communication abilities. That is why so many people admire and adore her work.

Jac Vanek is a podcast host and entrepreneur who is most known for being a part of LadyGang. Jac is well-known for co-hosting podcasts with two other female broadcasters in addition to owning her own company. The group has earned a lot of praise and will be featured in their own reality program.

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She is an American citizen with White descent who was born in California in 1987. UCLA awarded the Businesswomen a bachelor’s degree in Design and Media Arts.

She has a bright business mind and excellent communication abilities. Many people like and adore her podcasts because of this.

Jac’s mother, May Vanek, also gave birth to her. The identity of her father has remained a mystery.

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The Businesswomen’s Career and Net Worth

While attending her first concert in high school, Jac Vanek received her first taste of pop-punk culture, which later created the foundation for her characteristic rough graphics.

She started her company, Jac Vanek, and began selling apparel at music festivals throughout the country after creating her first bracelet at UCLA.

She is presently the CEO and creator of her own company. One-third of LadyGang, the Businesswomen is also well-known.

The group’s podcast, The LadyGang, is well-known. Other members include Keltie Knight and Becca Tobin. Jac is also a contributor to The First Degree, another podcast.

The female podcast host is a confident individual who loves to think for herself. Her extroverted attitude and passion for the arts and music have allowed her to thrive in this poisonous environment. She earns enough money to live a contented and happy life.

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LadyGang also offers its items on its website. She used to offer the most popular accessories as well. They’ll also appear in their own reality program, LadyGang, which will premiere on E!

Jac’s net worth is also around $2 million, which is close to American Business Manager Katie Collinsworth’s.

The LadyGang Member’s Relationship Status

Jac Vanek has become an internet star because to her podcast and company. Many of her followers also want to know if the businesswoman is accompanied by someone significant.

If you didn’t already know, the Businesswomen is dating Jared Monaco, a singer. He plays guitar and is a member of Maine.

Jac has been seeing her partner since 2018, however they met and became friends in 2009. On their third anniversary, her spouse took a snapshot of her and labeled it with the nicest message.

“I’ve been with my ABSOLUTE COMPANION for three years. We went on a RAMPAGE at the craps table right after this glamour picture. It’s rather appropriate. It appears like my luck has been on my side lately. “I LOVE YOU, JACQUELINE,” He wrote.

Jac isn’t afraid to post pictures of her boyfriend on social media, and has done so on multiple occasions, including birthdays and Valentine’s Day. For her recent birthday, her partner planned an online party with games, friends, drinks, and other things.

In addition, there has been no mention of Jac and her boyfriend marrying. It wouldn’t surprise us if the story made the front pages.