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Biography / Net Worth · May 17, 2022

Meet Brenda McCutcheon: Net Worth, Husband, Family and Biography

Brenda McCutcheon was taken into custody and charged with the murder of her husband, Buddy McCutcheon. Although her whereabouts are unknown, it is known that she is serving a life sentence at this time.

Brenda McCutcheon

It was alleged that Brenda McCutcheon had been responsible for the death of her husband, Buddy McCutcheon. According to the allegations, Buddy was killed by a gunshot to the head at their residence on Tree Top Drive in Arden. According to the court records, Buddy McCutcheon had a connection with one of his workers that lasted for four years, and he ended up killing the employee because of it. In February of 2020, when Brenda was 69 years old, a jury reached a verdict of guilty and sentenced her to life in prison for her crime.

According to court documents obtained by ABC15 News, Brenda has maintained her innocence despite being found guilty. She is now appealing the decision, claiming that the trial court “made a simple mistake” by accepting testimony from Buddy’s brother stating how Buddy’s death had affected him. Brenda is appealing the decision because the documents were obtained by ABC15 News. In spite of this, the appeal was rejected by a judge in December of 2021.

The author is Brenda McCutcheon. Where Are You Currently Located?

Because the judge rejected Brenda McCutcheon’s request to appeal her conviction in December 2021, it has been stated that she has been sentenced to life in prison. There have been no further developments about her punishment since the year 2021.

Dateline Gives an Update on the Killing of Buddy McCutcheon

According to the documents of the murder and its update, the practice owned by Buddy and Brenda McCutcheon, which was known as Cosmetic Surgery of Asheville, was the subject of an inquiry for theft. In addition, according to the records filed in the case, Buddy McCutcheon had a romantic involvement with one of his workers that lasted for four years.

In the television room on the first floor, his lifeless body was found. Brenda McCutcheon claims that he slept in that room because he wanted to watch television at night while she did not.

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She did not. In addition, she stated that someone broke into the house through a door that had been left unlocked and used a gun that had been stashed in a drawer in the kitchen to kill her husband, but she denied having any involvement in the crime. She also stated that she had not been the one to kill her husband.

Brenda McCutcheon Age, Family, and Initial Years of Life

It is not known when Brenda McCutcheon was born or what sign of the Zodiac she was born under. She is a citizen of the United States of America. Her race is white. She is a white person.

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There isn’t a lot of information that can be found on the members of the family. despite the fact that we have an extremely limited amount of information on her family. The specifics regarding her family that have been confirmed will be released later.

Which primary school, secondary school, and university did she attend?

It is possible that Brenda attended a prestigious institution for her undergraduate degree and concluded her schooling at a prestigious private school, judging from how highly educated she looks to be. Aside than that, not little is known about Brenda’s educational history.

What is the status of Brenda McCutcheon’s romantic involvement, Mr. McCutcheon?

Brenda McCutcheon is married to a man named McCutcheon. Her spouse at the time was Buddy McCutheon. There is little known information available regarding her children.

What exactly does Brenda McCutcheon do for a living? What does her employment entail?

Regarding Brenda McCutcheon’s professional life, there is no information can be found. We will provide an update later if we locate any information on her professional background.

What is Brenda McCutcheon’s estimated net worth at this time?

The amount of money that Brenda McCutcheon has in her net worth is not known at this time. In the event that we come across any fresh information on her net worth, we will be sure to pass it along to you.

Is she accessible through any of the many social media platforms?

Brenda McCutcheon does not participate in any of the activities that take place on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.