Marcus Spenevelo: Who is he? His Family? Murder Suspect?

Cassie Carli, a slain Florida mother, has an ex-boyfriend named Marcus Spenevelo. In connection with Cassie’s disappearance, he was captured in Santa Rosa Country about 11 p.m. on Sunday.

Marcus Spenevelo

Andrew Carli, his grandson, looks after his daughter, Little Saylor.

Marcus Spenevelo: Arrested in the connection of his ex-wife’s death?

Cassie vanished on March 27 after leaving her father’s home to meet Spenevelo for a custody exchange in the parking lot of a local restaurant. Her body was found in a small grave beneath a barn near Springville, Alabama, on April 2, more than 300 miles away.

Her cause of death is still uncertain pending autopsy results. Spenevelo was caught in Lebanon, Tennessee, only hours before the horrible discovery. According to investigators, he had ties to the barn where Cassie was located. Marcus is accused of tampering with evidence, deleting evidence, and presenting false information about a missing person. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges, but more are expected after Cassie’s autopsy.

Marcus Spenevelo: Claims to be innocent?

Spenevelo maintains that he was not involved in Cassie’s disappearance or death. He did, however, admit that he and Cassie had a “altercation” the night she went missing, though he refused to elaborate. Spenevelo also admitted to having her phone in his possession, but claimed he threw it out of his truck the next day, March 29.

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Marcus Spenevelo’s family believes his 37-year-old “doting” father is not guilty. His aunt, Neiva Halauza, told The US Sun that she feels her nephew has been framed in a phone conversation. “Marcus is a good person, a diligent worker, and a wonderful man,” Halauza said. “He never borrows from anyone and never touches anyone,” says the narrator.

Marcus Spenevelo: His Age, Family and Early Life?

Marcus Spenevelo is a 37-year-old businessman. However, we don’t know his precise birthday, where he was born, or who his parents are. He’s been arrested in connection with his ex-death. wife’s Although it has not been confirmed whether or not he committed the crime.

He is currently facing charges of tampering with evidence, deleting evidence, and giving false information about a missing person. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges, but more are expected after Cassie’s autopsy.

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As soon as new information about him becomes available in the media, we will update this section.

Marcus Spenevelo: School and College, Where did he attend?

We currently have no information on his educational background.

Marcus Spenevelo: Net Worth. How much money does he make?

Marcus’s net wealth is a closely guarded secret.

Marcus Spenevelo. What does he do for living?

Marcus’ work has not yet been made public.

Marcus Spenevelo. His relationship status? His Spouse?

He was dating Cassie at the time. Cassie fell pregnant barely a few months after they started dating.

Marcus Spenevelo. Ishe available on any social media platform?

We couldn’t find him on any of the major social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Marcus Spenevelo. His physical appearance.

Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Marcus Spenevelo. His general information.

Relationship StatusUnmarried
Net WorthN/A
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