In 2022, how wealthy is actress Tati Gabrielle?

Tati Gabrielle (born: Tatiana Gabrielle Hobson) is an American actress, model, and social media personality. She is most known for her roles as Gaia in The 100, a science fiction television drama, and Willow Park in The Owl House, an animated television series.

tati gabrielle

She also starred with Tom Holland in the newest film Uncharted as Braddock.

Learn more about her early life, relationships, net worth, and family status.

Tati Gabrielle’s Relationship Status

Gabrielle has kept her personal life very quiet, refusing to reveal who she has dated. Many fans, though, anticipated she would date Chance Perdomo after sharing the screen with him in Chilling adventure of Sabrina.

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Despite the fact that they had actual chemistry, the two stated that they were simply good friends. She is currently concentrating on her acting and modeling careers, since she has reached the pinnacle of her career.

As a result, her dating status remains a mystery. However, we can definitely picture her getting married or entering into a relationship in the future.

Tati Gabrielle’s Income. How much does she earn? Net Worth.

Gabrielle has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022. She makes between $25k and $300k as an actor and model.

Magazines, sponsorship, brand ambassadors, and social media are some of the other ways to get money. She has been seen in a number of high-end, branded dresses and accessories.

She earns about $40k per movie or episode, as an American actress.

She has been in a number of recent box office successes and television programs. We saw her in the movie Uncharted with Tom Holland, which was filmed for $120 million and grossed $143 million at the foreign box office and $226 million worldwide.

She did, however, make around $200,000k after the film’s popularity.

She is concentrating on her acting and modeling careers, so she may be able to earn more in the future. She has been spotted on social media wearing Versace, Hellessy, and other designer labels, as well as riding in GMC and Ford vehicles.

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Tati Gabrielle’s family and her early life status

Gabrielle completed her high school education at Oakland School for the Arts, and she received her high school diploma in Drama and French from Spelman College.

She began her acting career in 2014 with the short film To Stay the Sword, followed by Tatterdemalion in 2015 and the television feature Just Jenna in 2016.

Tati is the mother of three children. Her family is made up of simply her. Her father’s name is Terry Hobson, and he is African-American. Traci Hewitt Hobson, who is Korean-American, is also her mother.

She keeps her personal life very secret. As a result, nothing is known about her family and siblings.

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