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Biography / Famous People / Net Worth / YouTuber · May 15, 2022

How much is James Charles’ Net Worth? Biography, Earnings and Instagram

James Charles is a YouTuber who began out doing make-up lessons but has since unwittingly become a beauty expert to millions, with his channel now having over 20 million subscribers. Charles, on the other hand, has gone on to become a fashion designer, the world’s first ever male spokesperson for Cover Girl, and even has his own make-up palettes, all thanks to YouTube.

James Charles

Charles has also established himself as an influencer, having over 19 million Instagram followers as a result of the massive amount of attention he has received as a result of the scandal. The Internet personality has even made guest appearances on popular YouTube series like Shane and Friends, The Secret World of Jeffree Star, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The YouTuber has a sizable following called as Sisters.

James Charles, an American online star, with a net worth of $20 million USD as of 2022.

What Made James Charles So Wealthy?

Charles’ first big pay day came in 2016, when he accepted CoverGirl’s offer to be their first male ambassador. Though his compensation for becoming the brand’s ambassador isn’t disclosed, it’s sure to be in the seven figures, since he’ll be joining a long list of movie and music artists who have previously promoted the firm.

Not only did he profit handsomely from the contract, but CoverGirl also assisted him in launching his career in the cosmetics industry and obtaining several more endorsement possibilities.

After partnering with CoverGirl, Charles landed a slew of endorsement deals, the most notable of which was with Morphe, who collaborated with him to develop The James Charles Palette. The palette was quickly sold out at its initial introduction, and it continues to sell out.

Furthermore, he supports make-up companies and retailers by offering his own discount codes, which include Laura’s Boutique, Skindinavia, and Lilly Lashes, meaning that if you use Charles’ discount coupons at these online stores, he will receive a percentage of every transaction. Charles has his own clothing company, Sisters Apparel, named after his followers, and is dead set on developing an empire. Sweatpants, hoodies, shirts, and accessories are part of the apparel range.

How did it all begin for James Charles?

Obviously, YouTube, where he got his start, is a significant source of cash for him. Despite losing millions of members and having to postpone his tour in 2019, the Internet personality’s channel has over two billion views and his Sisters continue to support him.

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According on the number of views each video receives, Charles earns an average of $6000 every day from advertisements on his films.

Why is he so well-known?

James Charles has over 20 million followers on YouTube, despite his subscriber count fluctuating in recent years owing to catastrophic scandals (one of which was dubbed “dramageddon”) and a record-breaking loss of one million members in less than 24 hours. This makes him the most subscribed beauty guru on the site (beating out Kylie Jenner) and one of the most subscribed YouTubers worldwide.

Instant Influencer, his most recent series on the site, aims out to find the next beauty influencer, with Charles presenting. Charles has around 20 million Instagram followers, which puts him ahead of his YouTube contemporaries NikkieTutorials, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and Bretman Rock.

Charles looked to be generating headline news on practically every media source in the globe in 2019, but not for the correct reasons, since not everyone gets renowned for being a great and beloved character who can do no wrong. The online celebrity rose to prominence after being made a villain in a now-famous YouTube make-up experts incident.

Tati Westbrook, a fellow beauty YouTuber, posted a video criticizing Charles for being sexually manipulative and celebrity and power hungry. That video received tens of millions of views before being removed.

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Charles has appeared in just about every media due to his celebrity and the fact that Internet celebrities are becoming more popular than television stars in recent years.

In 2016, Charles made history by becoming CoverGirl’s first ever male ambassador, working with fellow ambassador Katy Perry and joining the ranks of Zendaya, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, and others. Charles most recently worked on Iggy Azalea’s music video for “Sally Walker,” creating make-up for the performers and dancers and even appearing in the video.

Speculations about Charles

Following the events of 2019’s “dramageddon,” and subsequent disclosures that Charles isn’t the monster that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star made him out to be, the internet celebrity is back on the circuit, conducting interviews and uploading massively successful YouTube videos. In the next months, expect a lot more from Charles, as Sisters speculate that a TV contract is in the works for the lavish personality after he tweeted that he was filming something on location.

What Was His Secret to Success?

Charles is not one to shy away from a good controversy, and the sticky situations he continues to find himself in have become part of his brand and the reason why people follow him on YouTube.

Charles often uploads videos on his own scandals as well as opinion pieces about the problems of other YouTubers, garnering tens of millions of views at a time. The YouTuber’s controversies have increased his celebrity. Despite the fact that the current issue around him may have hampered any potential partnerships and sponsorships, he has managed to overcome it and continue with his apparel business and YouTube videos.

Apart from feeling compelled to comment on gossip and spill the beans, Charles is a natural at make-up lessons. His followers refer to him as talented since he has broken into an industry where he is practically an amateur. He has never undergone professional make-up lessons. He has honed his make-up skills to the point where Morphe has flown him across the world to build flagship stores.