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Famous People · April 20, 2021

Eric Mondo, brad and Eric Mondo, Age, Wiki & Twins

Eric Mondo is one of the rising American social media personalities who rose to fame through Instagram. He gained wide media attention for his self-titled Instagram account, where he posts pictures of casual fashion modeling and lifestyle photos. Furthermore, he has over 111K followers on his Instagram and 173K subscribers on his brother and his collaborative YouTube channel.

Eric Mondo’s Relationship Status

Before going towards Eric’s love life, let’s be clear that Eric is openly gay. Not only him but his younger brother, Brad Mondo, is also gay, and he came out as gay when he was in high school. In fact, one of his friends whom he had a crush on outed him as gay to the entire school. The 29 years-old social media star is currently in a relationship with Hunter Goga.

Back in 2 April, Hunter shared their first picture on Beach with a caption,

“That ain’t dababy that’s my baby.”

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However, he has been secretive towards his love life and relation and does not share any pictures on his official Instagram account. Instead, he uploads pictures concerning his personal life on another account, devbabe_. Apart from his private life, he loves to hang out with his friends.

Eric Mondo – What is his Net Worth?

Eric is earning a decent amount of money through his early career as an Instagram star. He has over 111K followers on his Instagram and earns between $337.5 – $562.5 per sponsored post. Not to mention, he has endorsed several fashion brands on his Instagram. Besides, Eric and his brother, Brad, co-owns a collaborative YouTube channel, Brad & Eric, which has over 173K subscribers.

Eric Mondo
Eric Mondo

In this channel, they upload videos talking about their daily problems and lifestyle. Through it, they are earning between $48  –  $769 per year. So, Eric Mondo’s net worth is around $100,000 as of 2021, close to Toni Terraciano. Undoubtedly, his fortune will rise in the coming days as he is in his early career, and he is still going.

Eric Mondo’s Social Medias, Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram

Eric is currently active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He has over 111K followers on his Instagram, 6,035 followers on his Twitter, and 42.3K followers on his TikTok, and 173K subscribers on the collaborative channel, Brad & Eric. On the other hand, his younger brother, Brad Mondo, has over 6.92 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 2.1 Million followers on his Instagram.

Full NameEric Mondo
Date Of BirthApr 17, 1992
Place Of BirthThe USA
Net Worth$100,000
Marital StatusIn A Relationship

Quick Facts about Eric Mondo

Who is Eric Mondo?

Eric Mondo is a social media personality who has amassed over 100k followers on Instagram. He is also a sensational fashion icon on Instagram. His likes of uploading fashion modeling and lifestyle pics always tend to take a new turn.

How much is Eric Mondo Net worth

Eric Mondo has gathered around $3 million of net worth including his property and collections. His primary source of wealth is through Instagram.

Erice Mondo Age?

Eric Mondo is currently 28 years old, as he was born on 17th of April 1992.

Does Eric Mondo Have any siblings?

Eric Mondo is one such personality that grew up with his twin sibling or brother Brad Mondo whose current profession is a Hairstylist.

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