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Conan Gray, maniac, is he a gay? How old is Conan?

Conan Gray is an American singer as well as a songwriter and social media influencer. The uploading of vlogs, covers, and original songs to YouTube as a teenager starting by Gray from Georgetown, Texas. Also in 2018 Gray sign a record deal with Republic Records, where he releases his debut EP Sunset season in 2018. Conan’s debut studio album “Kid Krow (2020) debuted at number 5 on the US Billboard 200 by making it the biggest artist debut of 2020. Moreover, Kid Krow includes the commercially successful singles “Maniac” and “Heather”.

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Short Biography of Conan Gray

Conan Lee Gray AKA Conan Gray was born on December 5,1998, in Lemon Grove, California. Gray is the son of a white father who is mostly Irish ancestry and a Japanese mother. As a child, Gray’s family moved to Hiroshima, Japan because his grandfather was requiring medical care. They moved backed to California after staying there for 2 years. Conan was fluent in Japanese, but he lost his skill now.

Conan’s parents got divorced when he was three years old. Conan expresses his feelings and experience with divorce as a young child through his view which entitles him to “Draw My Life”.His father was in the military when Gray moved twelve times throughout his childhood. Moreover, moving three times during his sixth grade alone. Also, Gray goes frequently bullied throughout grade school. However, he is one of only five half Asian children at his school.

However, Gray settled in Georgetown, Texas as a teenager. While Gray settles in central Texas his art and music inspired. Conan got accepted to UCLA, and he shifted to Los Angeles, California in September 2017.

Is Conan Gray Gay?

Numerous people asked about Conan’s gender after it makes an appearance that he could be bi-sexual. Conan Gray hasn’t come out of Gay, in fact, the singer doesn’t want to be label as Bi-Sexual. After the numerous questioning and rumors of his sexuality, he took to Twitter to address the issue clearly in 2018. He stated that:

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“Y’all are so annoying all y’all ever wanna do is place a label on me just let me f*ckin exist what the f*ck. Here’s the f*cking deal. If labels on sexuality and gender and beliefs and all that great stuff are helpful for u, I’m all for it. U do u. But the second u start trying to shove everyone else into a neat little easy to understand box, I get mad. Stop! please! F*cking stop! “

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Conan has always been private about his sexual life and identity. He denies being gay and is also been known to make bisexual jokes. However, the only challenge he is never revealing with the truth. Gray believes that labels do not matter to him. Moreover, it is more important to be comfortable with yourself.

About Conan Gray newly released song “Maniac”

This newly released song “Maniac” is jam-packed with a stimulating dance-hall bass, having magnetizing pop synths and Conan Gray’s energizing voice. Moreover, it is Howling out to the moon and in turn, letting a person from his past that he has no intention to go back.

According to the reports, Conan wrote this song in the shower after receiving a text from his ex-lover. His ex-lover’s been spreading rumors about Gray being a freak who wouldn’t leave them alone. Whereas, the reality is just the opposite. Gray is referring to this song as “ a cathartic post-break-up song dedicated to psychotic exes.”

Maniac is getting over 20 million views and to make matters even better, Maniac is serving as the lead single.

Conan Grey‘s Age, Height & Weight

Age 22 years old as of 2021
Family name Gray
Birth Country United States
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Height 5 feet 9 inch