Brad Mondo Bio, Family, Height, Net worth, Sexuality, Relationship

Biography · April 27, 2021

Brad Mondo Bio, Family, Height, Net worth, Sexuality, Relationship

Brad Mondo- Short Biography

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo, an American national was born on 28 October 1994. Likewise, his sunshine is Scorpio. Also, his real name is Brad Gesimondo. The famous 26 years old hairstylist was born in Franklin, Massachusetts.

He started to post his work on Instagram in February 2013, since then he started gaining popularity. Similarly, he is also a famous TikToker with more than 7 million followers. Specifically, he has served many famous celebrities like Heather Marks, Shay Mitchell, Vanessa Hudgens, and Daphne Groeneveld. Besides being a hairstylist Mondo is also one of the famous models who has done various shoots and advertisements. Moreover, he is also a member of the famous stylist list.

Brad Mondo- Height and Weight

Mondo is 5 feet and 11 inches/ 1.55 m tall. Besides, He weighs around 68 kg/149.9 lbs. His original hair color is brown whereas he has light brown eyes.

Relationship and Sexuality of the Young Hairstylist

Brad Mondo

Reports say that he is single at the moment. In fact, he opened up about being gay by sexuality and has not yet revealed his boyfriend to the public. Similarly, Brad likes to keep his love life a secret. Meanwhile, he may be trying to avoid the attention of the media. Thus, we can assume that he is not married or engaged as of 2021.

Brad Mondo’s Family.

Brad was raised by his mother and father along with his sibling Eric. His father owned a saloon and was a hairdresser. Moreover, he spent most of his time in his father’s saloon and he liked the idea of making people look good with creative ideas. In fact, he often uploads pictures with his mother on his Instagram account.

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Brad Mondo Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Brad is around 3 Million US Dollar. He make all of his money from his hair stylist profession, Youtube as well as his online store xmondohair where he sells his various hair products.


FAQ’s about Brad Mondo

1. Who is Brad Mondo?

He is a famous Youtuber, Hairstylist and an online business owner named xmondohair.

2. What is Brad Mondo's real name?

Brad Mondo’s real name is Brad Gesimondo.

3. How old is he?

He is 27 years old.

4. When was he born?

Brad was born on 28 October 1994.

5. Where was he Born?

he was born in Franklin, Massachusetts.

6. How many followers does Brad have in his TikTok?

he has more than 7 million followers in his TikTok account.

7. How much is Brad Mondo's net worth?

Brad Mondo’s net worth is around 3 Million US Dollars.

8. What is Brad Mondo's Sexuality?

Brand Mondo is open about his sexuality and he is gay.

9. Who is Brad Mondo's sibling?

Brad Mondo’s elder brother’s name is Eric Mondo.

10. Is Brad Mondo on Instagram?

Yes, Brad Mondo is in Instagram. You can search his profile as @bradmondonyc.

11. Does Brad Mondo have an online store?

Yes, Brad Mondo has an online store called XMONDO Hair.

12. What is the height of Brad Mondo?

Brad Mondo’s height is 5 feet and 11 inches.

13. What is his Weight?

He weighs around 68 kg

14. What is Brad Mondo's original hair color?

Brad Mondo’s original hair color is brown.

15. Where can I get Brand Mondo's Hair product?

You can buy Brad Mondo’s hair product from his online/offline store XMONDO Hair.