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Net Worth · December 21, 2022

Best Shows to Help You Live Your Old Money Dreams

The world around us is filled with one-hit wonders, hustlers at heart, and self-made billionaires but wdon’t you love it when if you accidentally find out that you are a lost millionaire heiress? Seems like a dream, right? This dream is the literal motivation for almost half of the global population. 

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We love a story where a broke girl suddenly finds out she has inherited a lot of money. Everything around her suddenly changes, she becomes the CEO, wears designer clothes, and navigates through life like she is hatching butterflies. This might look mesmerizing on paper but it is never going to happen. We can admit it, and sob about it but one way of living your bling dream is to watch some old money shows where people are filthy rich so you can vicariously live your fantasy life through them.

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 Best Shows to Stream That Scream Old Money 

Money-related shows are pretty common but most of these shows are just built on luxury. Once you take a bird’s eye view you will notice that the plot is not strong enough to hold your attention for long and the story is too weak so the emphasis is more on the Gucci bags and Versace dresses. 

On the contrary, you will find some good shows with one the main character who that holds an overwhelming amount of money but might be is shown as an underworld criminal. Currently, if you are longing for the sight of someone rolling is an explicit amount of cash, you need to find shows that are entertaining.  

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In case, you are looking for a good show that has a strong storyline, a absurd ridiculous amount of money, a solid viewership, and a sturdy plot that you can to add it to your list, you are at the right place. 

Here are some old money shows that are soaked in luxury, bedazzled with diamonds, and settled with some extravagance grace that will keep you company for a long time.

  1. The Crown

Available on: Netflix 

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 86% 

Completing the list without mentioning the British Royal Family will be downright disrespectful, so keeping the British protocol in check, we have to mention “The Crown.”. Soaked with splendor, filled with class, and some dazzling jewels, The Crown offers a peek into the royal drama that we all miss in our lives. 

Following the long reign of the queen and taking you to the modern royal separation, this is a modern take on British glory. Within the show, you will never find any outrageous over-the-top discussion about money, however, it can surely call you broke in more than 100 languages. 

  1. Odd Mom Out

Available on: Amazon Video, Vudu, Apple iTunes, and Google Play Movies

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 70%

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a rich mom? This show cannot tell, but it can show what it feels like to be a rich mom. Gucci dripping, Channel rolling, Louis Vuitton smothered, this show will make you purchase things that you do not even need. The story unravels as Jill; the main protagonist enters the upper east side parenting venture where she finds herself a misfit among the rest. 

From some basic elite girl drama to some rich people’s problems, this show will make you feel penniless at every point. As you navigate through the show, you will find a mix of philanthropy and over the -the-top fashion discussion as well but you we promise you will ignore it all while gawking at the amount number of pastries and cakes consumed in the show. 

  1. Revenge

Available on: Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 69%

Although this show doesn’t talk straight-up money, but it can show you what old money can do. Filled with the exceptional lifestyle, grace, and class that only comes with generational weatherwealth, Revenge is everything luxury and much more. From billion-dollar mentions to cruise trips, destination weddings, and pricy jewels, this series will keep you all wrapped up till the end. The story is strong and no matter who you hate, you will see them coming back one way or the other. 

Mixed with dirty money, some casual murders, and luxury vacations, this show is a mix of pure evil and some haunting truths. The story starts as the main protagonist Emily enters the life of a somewhat perfect Greyson family. From capturing their money to casually walking between the people hungry for money, this show keeps the viewer swinging from good to bad and settling for some grey. 

  1. Downton Abbey

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, BritBox, and Netflix

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 87%

Not something for the faint-hearted wannabes, this show is the real deal that you might have been waiting for. From extravagant costumes to mansions that will make you second guess your cozy little space, this show is anything but relatable for a struggling full-time worker living paycheck to paycheck. 

This period drama will help you learn and navigate through the old money problems. The show starts when a wealthy landlord loses his heirs in an untimely accident. Soon after, the new misfit heir is introduced who has his a unique ways of looking at things. Blending the aristocracy with a brush of blue blood, Downton Abbey is one of the most loved shows on our list. 


Available on: Hulu

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 78%

A limited series that will subtly roll the eyes at the sight of your limited budget, this show spells stinky rich in every language. Trust starts when a wealthy heir of a conglomerate is kidnapped and what follows only makes you question your close relationships. Linked with some dirty money secrets and laced with exceptional power dynamics, trust will not let you trust anyone. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, old money might look fascinating but it comes with its problems. Money comes with more rich world problems and it is followed by even more money problems so, these shows will surely help you think about planning a side hustle. 

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