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Actress / Biography / Famous People / Net Worth · July 18, 2022

Andrea Russett: Who is she? Her family? Her career? Her relationship? Her net worth?

American actress Andrea Russett is well-known on the internet. Before hosting the weekly conversation program Apologies In Advance With Andrea Russett, Andrea Russett was a YouTuber.

Andrea Russett

Andrea Russett: Her Age, family and Early life?

On June 27, 1995, Andrea Russett was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She goes by Andrea Rose Russett in full. Her father’s name is Mark William Russett, while her mother’s name is Jacqui Russett. Both her mother and father are graphic artists. When she was a child, she shared a family with Anthony’s brother and one sister, Anna. She had a nice upbringing with her parents and siblings. Russett is an American citizen, thus that is her nationality.

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Andrea Russett: School and College, where did she attend?

According to her academic history, she attended a private Catholic high school for her junior year of high school. Then, after moving to California, she signed up for an online university. Unfortunately, she failed the course in her final year.

Andrea Russett: What does she do for living? Her career? 

American actress and internet sensation Andrea Russett works both offline and online. She used to be a YouTuber and is now Andrea Russett’s host of the talk show Apologies In Advance. Her GETTOxFABxFOREVER account, which has more than 3 million followers, contributed to her notoriety by sharing chats and music videos of well-known songs.

In 2009, when she was still in her early teens, she started streaming videos on YouTube. At the age of 14, she rose to fame on YouTube after her stop-motion video, “JUSTIN BIEBER ONE TIME MUSIC VIDEO,” went viral in a matter of days. She managed to become an internet sensation despite without meeting Justin Bieber despite the rapidly growing views on her video. One of her most well-known YouTube videos is “CUDDLING WITH MY EX BOYFRIEND | Andrea Russett.”

Her YouTube channel currently has over 290 million views and roughly 3.5 million subscribers. She also has a big following base on her Instagram profiles because to her YouTube fame.

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, she began her first profession as a nightly radio DJ in 2012. She later rose to prominence as the youngest well-liked radio host in the nation. In 2013, she signed a contract with “Fullscreen, Inc.” There is a global network of content providers and advertisers on YouTube.

After moving to California, she made the decision to concentrate on her acting career. She has also acted in a number of movies, including Lovesick (2014) and Expelled (2014). (2015). (2016). Her feature-length comedy “Expelled” was distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

When she co-produced and starred in the movie “Sickhouse” in 2016, she demonstrated her ability to rise to the challenge. This film was favorably welcomed by both viewers and critics due to its “different” storytelling strategy.

In 2016, she was paid for a role in “A Peculiar Tale,” another short film. She made a brief cameo appearance in the film “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” that same year. She has previously been on the MTV reality series “Catfish: The TV Show.”

She had a particularly successful year in 2016 overall. In order to introduce talented but unappreciated EDM performers like Coleman Hell and Robert DeLong to a larger audience, she released her debut compilation, “Mind Medicine,” in the same year. In 2017, she also took over as the host of the weekly discussion program “Apologies In Advance.” The show is still broadcasting.

Andrea Russett: Her relationship status? Her spouse?

Andrea is bisexual and most likely currently unmarried, according on her dating history. On September 21, 2018, she came out as bi in a string of tweets. In addition, she published a video in January 2019 to address her bisexuality, her fight with Sandra, and her earlier tweets.

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Her previous boyfriend was YouTube star Zane Hijazi. She also had feelings for the YouTuber and actor Kian Lawley. But it doesn’t seem like things are going well between Kian and Andre. She was later connected to and said to be dating musician Kenny Holland.

Andrea Russett: Is she available on any social media platform? 

She is engaged on many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others as an online celebrity. She has over 4.9 million Instagram followers under the username @andrearussett.

Similarly, she has about 285k Facebook fans and more than 7.2 million Twitter followers. In addition, she has about 3.5 million subscribers to her self-titled YouTube account.

Andrea Russett: Her general information.

Full NameAndrea Rose Russett
Date of BirthJune 27, 1995
Birth PlaceFort Wayne, Indiana
OccupationActress and Internet celebrity
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight52 kg
Net worth$2 million