About Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan! Her age, wedding, children

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About Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan! Her age, wedding, children

Jordan’s queen consort is Rania Al-Abdullah. She was born in Kuwait to a Palestinian couple, her father hailing from Tulkarm on the West Bank. In fact, Rania earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cairo’s American University. She and her family escaped to Amman, Jordan, after the Gulf War in 1991, when she met the then-prince Abdullah. Moreover, Rania worked at Citibank before meeting him, and subsequently at Apple in the marketing department. Indeed, She has been noted for her advocacy efforts in the areas of education, health, community empowerment, youth, cross-cultural dialogue, and micro-finance after marrying the current King of Jordan in 1993.

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Biography of Queen Rania

Rania al Yassin was born in Kuwait on August 31, 1970, to Palestinian parents. Moreover, Rania and her two siblings were reared in Tulkarm, a West Bank town where her father worked as a doctor. She attended Kuwait City’s New English School before enrolling at Cairo, Egypt’s American University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1991.

Rania’s family was forced to evacuate Kuwait during the first Gulf War in 1991, along with hundreds of other Palestinian families. Also, They relocated to Amman, Jordan, where Rania joined them after finishing her studies at university. In fact, Rania accepted a new marketing job at Apple after a brief time working in marketing at Citibank.

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Likewise, Queen Rania and King Abdullah have four children: Crown Prince Hussein, born June 28, 1994, who was appointed heir to the throne in July 2009; Princess Iman, born September 27, 1996; Princess Salma, born September 26, 2000; and Prince Hashem, born January 30, 2005.

The Prince’s Wedding – Queen Rania

Rania joined an Apple coworker at a dinner party hosted by the sister of Jordan’s Prince Abdullah II bin al-Hussein, who was also in attendance. In fact, The common-born young woman and the prince fell in love fast and deeply in an unusual plot twist that sounds like something out of a Disney movie. Indeed, Only two months after meeting, Rania and Prince Abdullah became engaged. The pair married in June 1993, less than six months after their first meeting.

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Becoming a Queen – Queen Rania

Prince Abdullah had no intention of ascending to the throne, as his uncle had long been expected to succeed King Hussein bin Talal, who had ruled Jordan since 1952. King Hussein, however, unexpectedly chose his son, Prince Abdullah, as his successor from his deathbed in 1999. In fact, Abdullah became King of Jordan after the king died on February 7, 1999. He elevated his then 28-year-old wife to the position of queen six weeks later. King Abdullah said his wife’s non-royal background made her more connected to “people’s dreams and outlooks” because she “really believes in their causes” as he announced her coronation on state television.

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An ardent supporter of a variety of causes – Queen Rania

Rania’s youth, royal background, and dazzling beauty made her an immediate international celebrity. She was photographed interacting with a stunning coterie of the global elite at fashion exhibitions and high-society cocktail gatherings. Queen Rania, on the other hand, stayed impressively grounded throughout it all, utilizing her position to fight for a number of causes she considered were essential.

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Furthermore, Queen Rania became a formidable advocate for change in education and public health, the development of a sustainable tourism economy in Jordan, youth empowerment, and cross-cultural communication between the West and the Arab world as a progressive female voice in the Arab world.

Perhaps most notably, she was a vocal opponent of the traditional practice of “honor murders,” in which women are murdered by members of their own family for alleged transgressions of Islamic moral code.

Quick Facts about Queen Rania

Birth NameRania al Yassin
Date of BirthAugust 31, 1970
NicknameQueen of hearts
Zodiac SignVirgo
RaceMiddle Eastern
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight53 kg