5 books to read with your significant other

5 books to read with your significant other

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Couples can easily get bogged down in tasks and errands. Time is limited and even if they want something really meaningful and inspiring for their relationship, sometimes they don’t know what to do and where to start.

Losing yourself in a book and escaping the real world doesn’t have to be lonely. You can enjoy the benefits of reading with a partner and enjoy how a story helps hide the noise and distractions of the world around you.

Reading for couples can become a habit once they both know it’s the best time they’ve had together. It creates a sense of structure, shared priorities, and fun that can only benefit a relationship or marriage.  Reading together will help you discover hidden or little-known features of your loved one. By taking turns recommending the next reading, you can uncover facets of your loved one’s personality and temperament that you may not have known earlier. Given the tech era we live in today, it is relatively easy to get access to any book in the world. All you need is access to a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can consider Cox for a high-speed internet connection for your home. The representatives at cox customer service are available around the clock and offer additional services such as personalization of internet packages for better services. 

  1. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Progressively classy smartphones and dating apps are opening opportunities for today’s singles that their counterparts in the 20th century never knew they had. But, as Ansari wittily points out, these spectacular accomplishments come with their unique headache, as the unlimited choice can paralyze lovers. This easy-to-read book by Ansari is a success in part because it not only describes the history, development, and drawbacks of dating but also provides solid advice on how to win in the current, ever-changing love game.

  1. The All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work by Eli J. Finkel

In All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriage Works, psychology professor Eli J. Finkel offers a thought-provoking and research-based approach to modern marriage. 

This book examines modern marriage and argues that our expectations of marriage are higher than ever. Finkle pays special attention to the history of early marriages and works his way to the present. Relationships have changed a lot over time, and it’s important for us to understand them in order to know how to improve our relationships in the future. 

Finkle takes the reader on a ride to what he and his students called “Maslow Mountain” which is a take on the infamous “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” but from the perspective of marriage. 

According to this book, we now expect marriage to satisfy all of our needs, including introspection. We also demand more from our marriages but without wanting to be too invested.  

  1. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman 

An expert in relationships, Dr. Gary Chapman tackles one of the most common problems facing relationships today: how to keep love alive. 

Chapman offers readers a cure he discovered through years of experience with couples. With vivid examples and inspiring stories, Dr. Chapman on how we express and receive love, also known as love languages. Countless couples have experienced a deeper level of intimacy by learning their love language, and this book will help you understand yours.

  1. Getting the Love You Want by Dr. Harville Hendrix

Getting the Love You Want provides practical advice on how to save and strengthen a failing relationship. It features a unique therapy program that provides step-by-step instructions to help partners deal with repressed childhood desires and become more compassionate people.

When a relationship loses its original spark, conflict often arises between couples. Previously invisible features in a partner are now difficult to ignore; Familiar and once-loved habits become tiresome. An emotional gap opens between partners, which deepens every day.

How can you save your love and save a relationship that is on the verge of falling apart? This book explains how to use the Freudian philosophies of analysis to maintain a strong, loving, and lasting relationship.

  1. Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel 

Mating in Captivity shares the best sex advice therapist Esther Perel has discovered over years of experience, explaining the barriers that can reduce sexual desires in our tame society and what you and your partner can do to break them down so you can enjoy the best, . emotional and physical intimacy together.

Esther Perel takes up difficult questions, struggles, obstacles, and fears that arise when our desire for secure love conflicts with our desire for passion. She invites us to explore the absurd union of household and sexual desire, explaining what it takes to bring desire home.

Wrapping it up 

Romantic relationships can be a source of incomparable joy for couples, but just about anyone who has experienced being in a romantic relationship can attest that it’s not always easy. Between different communication styles, different love languages, and external stressors, any relationship can face difficult moments. Many people in relationships turn to therapists to get through difficult times or to strengthen relationships so that they last. However, doing little tasks together, such as reading the right books or watching movies together can make a huge difference as well. 

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