Who is Streamer StevewillSendit? Twitch, Casino Streamer, Net Worth and Biography

Who is Streamer StevewillSendit? Twitch, Casino Streamer, Net Worth and Biography

The streamer StevewillSendit is a well-known Twitch Live casino gamer who is also active on other social media platforms. He also goes by the name SteveWillDoIt. The gamer does more than just casino gaming online. He is more of an entertainer and gives players several tips to help them in gaming, especially the slots.

Streamer StevewillSendit

The young American entertainer is called Steve DeLeonardis. He is part of Nelk Entertainment. This entertainment group was started in Ontario. At the start, the entertainment group was a bunch of frat boys who were looking to do crazy things online and get famous in the course of things.

Apart from gaming, Steve has severally posted videos of him participating in insane challenges, enjoying an extreme lifestyle, and pranking members of the public. The gamer joined the mile high club during his birthday, where he ate lots of pizza and binge drank. He also has a huge love for gambling and trolls some of the leading live dealers to learn a few tricks about the game. All these activities have been part of his routine for a long period.

What Games does SteveWillSendIt Participate In?

Steve has gambling in his blood and will gamble on any good game that helps him project his personality. On Twitch Live, the gamer has gone for slots. He is known to go for high volatility games as they assure him of a huge win along with other amazing features such as multipliers, multi-wilds, and scatters. Some of the popular titles on his streaming platform include Sweet Bonanza, Book of Dead, and Dog House.

Apart from live slots, Steve also goes for other live dealer games such as blackjack, roulette, and croupiers. He has also streamed himself live playing crypto casino titles such as Plinko. These are some of the most popular games in any casino. Many of his 750,000 followers on YouTube and many more on Twitch watch his streams to learn a thing or two about these games and how to play them with a winning mentality.

Why Can You Watch SteveWillSendIt Streams?

SteveWillSendIt is the name that Steve uses on Twitch. It is part of Nelk Entertainment but uses his credentials in the about page. His schedule on Twitch shows that he is a daily streamer with at least two or more shows every day. However, not all his shows are about casino gaming. Gaming takes about three to four days a week.

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If you want to see more of his shows, just visit his profile on YouTube. His YouTube channel is called SteveWillDoIt. Here, he uploads videos every Tuesday. Again, like on Twitch, a huge number of his videos are about his crazy lifestyle and have less to do with casinos. However, his casino content is still good and something that any casino gamer should view. 

What is So Special About Steve?

Steve DeLeonardis’ lifestyle makes him a perfect casino gamer and brings him the large number of fans that he currently has on Twitch. He is a renowned prankster and does several daredevil stunts, which include as many outrageous things as possible.

One of the popular prank videos that he has done with Elk Entertainment was to call the cops on a member’s car and tell them that the vehicle was full of coke. Funny, the coke turned out to be cans of Coca Cola. He has also engaged in binge drinking, in which he gulped a whopping 12 beers in just two minutes.

The idea of streams is to do things that many people would not attempt to do and add a lot of fun to the activity. Therefore, if you are following him, be sure to watch other non-casino games.

What Casinos Does Steve Work With?

Since Steve is an American, there are a few online casinos that are available to him for gaming. Fortunately, there are a few good platforms where he can play his favorite games and spend his money as he wishes. One of the popular platforms where he plays games is the Stack Casino. Stake is a crypto casino that allows players to use many of the popular e-currencies on their accounts.

He also plays on Canadian platforms. Canadians have several options that are not available in the U.S. This is because gaming laws in Canada are more relaxed than those in the USA. He plays on popular Canadian platforms such as Lucky Days and Twin Casino. You can learn more about SteveWillSendIt on OnlineCasinos.tv and decide if you would follow him online.

Where On Social Media Does SteveWillSendIt Post?

Steve is available across social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Discord, and TikTok. Twitch is the platform where he has most of his casino gaming followers, at about 745K. Considering that he is more on YouTube than Twitch, this is a phenomenal achievement. Much of his content here is focused on slots and his outrageous lifestyle.

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The gamer has over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube. This is where he posts most of his pranks and daredevil stunts There is also limited content on casino gaming. Unfortunately, this main channel was deleted due to his gambling content.

Apart from the popular YouTube channel, he has another one called Life of Steve. It features highlights from his life and casino gaming. This channel does not have as many videos as the popular one, but it has a decent following of 229K people. It is a newer channel that is expected to grow in the near future.

Other platforms where he has a sizeable following include Instagram, where he has 804,000 followers. He has a second account by his celebrity name,

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