Timberview High School Shooting | Suspect Timothy Simpkins is in custody.

Timberview High School Shooting | Suspect Timothy Simpkins is in custody.

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Timberview High School Shooting is one of the disheartening news that came into spotlight overnight. One of the four victims in the shooting is said to be in a critical state. Also, the other three are said to be recovering.

Source: ABC News

Furthermore, a suspect has been arrested in connection with a school shooting that occurred at Timberview High School in Arlington on Wednesday morning, injuring four people. Who is this guy? and What are his motives behind the shooting are a few questions that may come across your mind.

Who is the suspect for the hedious act?

Timothy George Simpkins, an 18-year-old suspect, was sought by police for many hours. Although, the interrogation is going on with the local authorities. But it is still unclear, what are his motives behind the shootout. A 45-caliber gun was discovered about 2 miles from the high school along England Parkway in Grand Prairie. It is being sent in for ballistics testing, according to officials.

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Simpkins “gave himself in with an attorney,” according to Arlington Assistant Police Chief Kevin Kolbye.

He was in an Arlington police station, where detectives were speaking with him, officials said at an afternoon press conference.

Also, the boy faces three charges of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, with each count carrying a $25,000 bail.

How did the 18 year old end up shooting others of his age?

Here is a post on Twitter on how the fight started. Also, the school is located in Arlington, it is part of the Mansfield school system.


Around 9:15 a.m., Arlington police verified that the school shooting began as a quarrel between two students. After then, one of the students pulled a firearm and fired an indeterminate number of bullets.

Timberview High School Shooting
Suspects photo released by the concerned authroities

A pregnant instructor was also injured in the fall, but she was treated at the scene and did not require hospitalization, according to authorities.

Who else were injured in the Timberview High School Shooting?

Two of the three persons who were transported to the hospital had gunshot wounds. A 15-year-old boy in critical condition, a 25-year-old boy in good health, and an adolescent girl in excellent condition who will be discharged shortly are among them.

Here is the tweet published by the concerned authorities as soon as the suspect was taken into custody.

What were the precautions taken by the authorities after Timberview High School Shooting incident?

Authorities have enhanced security at all Arlington ISD schools as a precaution, according to police. As a consequence of the incident, the following schools were placed on lockdown, however officials indicated the precaution will be lifted soon and parents would be able to pick up their children.

The list of schools are as follow:

  • Arlington Collegiate High School at Tarrant County College
  • Ashworth Elementary
  • Barnett Elementary
  • Beckham Elementary
  • Bebensee Elementary
  • Bowie High School
  • Bryant Elementary
  • Hale Elementary
  • Ousley Junior High
  • Pearcy STEM Academy

What do the parents have to say about the incident?

Overnight, there has been a debate on the school safety. Students should be forbidden guns when going to a place to receive education, which is fairly agreeable. Also, the concerned authorities have kept these factors in mind to not let the same hideous act repeat.

What happens to the Suspect?

Since, the suspect is arrested and faces charges on attempt to murder as per the evidence. Furthermore, the verdict and court charges are yet to be announced. Meanwhile, the suspect has to $75,000/- to all the victims in his nefarious act.

This incident will teach many not to loose self cool during a time of quarrel. And, also we should handle every small things in our life with a cool mind. Stay Safe and Take Care.

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