Svika Pick: Net Worth, Age, Biography, Girlfriend, Birthday And Israeli pop icon and songwriter, died at the age of 72.

Svika Pick: Net Worth, Age, Biography, Girlfriend, Birthday And Israeli pop icon and songwriter, died at the age of 72.

Svika Pick was a well-known figure in Israeli pop music, having performed as a vocalist, lyricist, and composer. He was most known for his role as a cornerstone in Israel’s music business and for gaining worldwide notice with the victory of his song “Diva” at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. He passed away in 2005.

Svika Pick

Svika Pick: What Caused the Death of Israel’s Pop King?

On a Sunday in the month of August in 2022, pop singer Svika Pick died away peacefully at her home. He was 72. However, the specific reasons for his death have not been made public. Following his departure, tributes have already begun to pour in. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Israeli President Isaac Herzog have also expressed their condolences.

Zvika Pick, according to statements made by President Herzog, “renovated and altered the Israeli cultural outlook… His music became an indelible part of the emotional fabric of society and an indispensable component of the background score of our lives. The innovative brilliance he had was very beneficial to Israel. He embodied all that it means to be Israeli by being deeply rooted in our country’s rich history and bringing Israel’s natural charm to the attention of people all over the world.

On Monday, his burial was scheduled to take place in the Ramat Hasharon Cemetery at ten in the morning.

Svika Pick: His Age, Family and Early Life?

The date of Svika Pick’s birth is October 3, 1949, and she was born in Wroclaw, Poland. At the time of his passing, he had reached the age of 72 years old. Paulina, his mother, and Borys Pick, his father, welcomed him into the world and raised him. When Pick was five years old, he started his training in classical music, following in the footsteps of his grandpa, who headed a music school, and his uncle, who taught music. In 1957, his family made the emigration to Israel.

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We are unable to provide you with any specific information on his life since his personal life is not covered in great length on his Wikipedia page. As we learn more about his life, we will be sure to add any information that is pertinent to him.

Svika Pick: School and College, Where did he attend?

He received his musical training at the Ramat Gan Conservatory, and at the age of 15, he began his career as a musician in Israeli rock bands performing locally.

Svika Pick: Net Worth. How much money does he make?

Because this individual’s private information is not readily available to the general public, it is not possible to determine this person’s current net worth.

According to the information provided by a number of websites on the internet, which all provide different figures for his net worth, we may deduce that he had an average net worth of between $4 and $5 million.

Svika Pick: What does he do for living? His Career?

During the 1970s, he was one of the most well-known pop performers in Israel, and during that decade, he was awarded the title of “Israeli male vocalist of the Year.” At the beginning of the 1970s, he gave a performance as the lead role in the Hebrew adaption of the musical Hair. Oleksandr Ponomaryov, who represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, penned the song “Hasta la Vista” with his then-wife Shem-Or, who was also a co-writer on the track.

Svika Pick

In addition, he was responsible for producing a song for Angelica Agurbash, who represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Although she eventually selected another song, she expressed her gratitude to Pick for his efforts. Seven different songs entered by him were performed in Israel’s qualifying round for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2010, he contributed to the encyclopedias of Georgia under the pen name Sopho Nizharadze and Israel under the pen name Harel Skaat.

Between the years 2005 and 2009, Pick was a member of the judging panel for the singing competition Kokhav Nolad. During the first season of the docu-reality series HaMaestro, which debuted on Bip in 2005, Pick depicted both himself and his family. Both the title and the soundtrack were comprised of songs written by Pick, and he also had a cameo appearance in one of the episodes of the musical drama Tamid Oto Chalom that was shown on HOT 3.

Svika Pick: His relationship status? His Spouse? His Children?

Tim and Neal, his kids, are the product of his relationship with Israeli fashion designer Shira Manor, with whom he shares custody of the boys.

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Before that, he was married to the Israeli composer Mirit Shem-Or. Although the couple later separated, they were able to raise three children together: a boy and two daughters.

Svika Pick: Is he available on any social media platform?

He was available on Facebook and Instagram.

Svika Pick: His physical appearance.

Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorHazel
Sexual OrientationStraight

Svika Pick: His general information.

Relationship StatusRelationship
SpouseShira Manor
Net Worth$4 million – $5 million

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