Robert Hoobler: Net Worth, Age, Biography, Girlfriend, Birthday And Death.

Robert Hoobler: Net Worth, Age, Biography, Girlfriend, Birthday And Death.

Robert Hoobler, a New Orleans police officer who is credited with helping to save Lil Wayne’s life after the future rapper shot himself when he was 12 years old, passed away on Saturday at the age of 65, according to his pals.

Robert Hoobler and Lil Wayne

Robert Hoobler: A New Orleans cop who protected Lil Wayne as a child has died at the age of 65.

A former police officer from New Orleans who helped save Lil Wayne’s life when he was a young boy and had accidentally shot himself in the chest has just gone away. It was a narrative that, for the first thirteen years of its existence, a number of admirers believed to be mythical. However, the former police officer recently corroborated the account. Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, the coroner for Jefferson Parish, said that Robert Hoobler, 65 years old, was discovered dead in his residence in Jefferson Parish on Friday. The reason for the death has not been disclosed at this time.

On the afternoon of November 11, 1994, Hoobler first met Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., better known by his stage name, Lil Wayne. When Carter was 12 years old at the time, he had just gotten out of school early that day and was on his way home to eat when he discovered a 9mm handgun in one of the bedrooms in the apartment that his family lived in. The gun had reportedly been left there the day before by a friend of the family who had gone to watch a football game on television, as stated by the records filed by the police.

Carter took the revolver in his hand and sent a round right through the man’s chest. While he was bleeding to death, he dialed 911 and crawled to the front door of the house to wait for assistance.

Hoobler was on his way to an off-duty detail when he overheard the dispatcher say, on his police radio, that there was a boy with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans who needed assistance. Hoobler immediately went to the scene of the incident and rendered aid to the victim. Hoobler went to the apartment where Carter was staying, and when he was knocking on the door, he heard a muffled voice plead, “Help me.” I’ve been shot.” After that, Hoobler smashed down the door and discovered Carter inside wearing a bloody T-shirt and pants. He begged the dispatchers to send an ambulance and found Carter inside wearing such clothes. Because there were none available, Hoobler grabbed him up and carried him to the back of his cruiser before driving him to a hospital. There were none available.

Fateful Day
In an interview in 2009, Hoobler remembered that calamitous day for the very first time in his life. He recalls talking to Carter during the journey in an effort to keep him awake. When they got at the hospital, Hoobler and another cop placed Carter on a stretcher and transported them to the emergency department. Hoobler will never forget what one of the nurses at the emergency department said to him: “If y’all had waited for [an ambulance],… he would have perished.” The medical professionals at the emergency department were able to preserve Carter’s life, and he went on to become one of the most successful rappers of all time, selling more than 120 million albums all over the globe. He was awarded five Grammys and now serves as the chief executive officer of Young Money Entertainment.

Hoobler, when asked about Lil Wayne in an interview in 2009, remarked, “I’m pleased of what he’s done.” “But if it were me, I would have done the same thing for the person nobody ever heard from again.” Hoobler’s help to Lil Wayne throughout the years is something that the rapper has never forgotten. Hoobler got the moniker “Uncle Bob” from him and a few other people from his area. In 2018, as he was in the process of winning an award, he remembered recently spoken to Hoobler and thanked him for not allowing him to pass away.

During the George Floyd protest that was prompted by the death of Floyd by Minneapolis police in 2020, Lil Wayne said that it was hard for him to entirely reject all officers as being capable of cruelty because of Hoobler’s involvement in his life. During one segment of his radio program, the musician shared his story of how his life was spared by a white police officer. “So… I think it’s important that you realize how I feel about the authorities.”

Hoobler and Lil Wayne 
Throughout the years, Lil Wayne and Hoobler have had a few opportunities to cross paths. According to TMZ, Lil Wayne has made an offer to Hoobler to work for his firm as an administrator. He also said that he was prepared to provide Hoobler and his loved ones with financial assistance for the rest of their lives, but Hoobler did not take him up on the offer. Hoobler’s career as a law enforcement officer came to an end in 2012 when the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office dismissed him for stunning a guy with a stun gun during an arrest. The incident led to Hoobler’s termination.

In November 2011, Hoobler reportedly tased Leron Anderson after detaining him on Cohen Avenue in Gretna on an attachment for breaching a protective order that had been filed against him. The order had been issued against Anderson. After seeing footage from the taser device, the sheriff decided to terminate Hoobler’s employment, according to the sheriff’s office. After taking a plea agreement, he was sentenced to one year of probation for malfeasance, which refers to the act of carrying out one’s official responsibilities in an unauthorized manner. Because it was his first offense, the conviction against him was eventually overturned and he received a pardon.

Hoobler was involved in a terrible vehicle accident later in his life, and as a result, he was forced to spend the remainder of his life walking with the assistance of two artificial legs. Hoobler has made it very obvious that he devoted his time on his days off to taking care of his deceased wife Kathleen and their grandkids. Kathleen passed away in the previous year.

Robert Hoobler: His Age, Family and Early Life?

Robert Hoobler had reached the age of 65. He is of white race and American nationality, and he was born in the United States. However, neither His true birth date nor his zodiac sign have been established.

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There is presently no information that can be found on Robert Hoobler’s parents.

Robert Hoobler: School and College, Where did he attend?

Regarding the educational history of Robert Hoobler, it has been determined that there are no sources that provide information on his schooling. Both the secondary school he attended and the college he received his degree from are now being investigated. Due to this fact, we may safely presume that he finished all of his formal schooling at his birthplace.

Robert Hoobler: Net Worth. How much money does he make?

The amount of money that Police Officer Robert Hoobler has in his bank account is still unknown.

Robert Hoobler: What does he do for living? His Career?

Officer Robert Hoobler, who worked for the New Orleans Police Department. David Lapene, a friend and a former coworker at the Police Department, said that Lil Wayne’s account of how Hoobler and officer Kevin Balancier saved his life 27 years ago is “one of the best stories that depict Hoobler as a person.” Lil Wayne recounted how Hoobler and Balancier rescued him from a burning building.

Robert Hoobler: His relationship status? His Spouse? His Children?

Kathleen Hoobler and Robert Hoobler are married to one another. There is not a single piece of information that pertains to their children.

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Robert Hoobler: Is he available on any social media platform?

Robert Hoobler does not participate in any of the social media sites that are currently available, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Robert Hoobler: His physical appearance.

Hair ColorBlack and White
Eye ColorBlack
Sexual OrientationStraight

Robert Hoobler: His general information.

Relationship StatusMarried
Net WorthN/A

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