Meghan and Harry Quit Social Media

Meghan And Harry Quit Social Media

Meghan and Harry Quit Social Media

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Meghan And Harry

Harry and Meghan, the Prince and Princess of Sussex have reportedly quit all social media totally because of the hate they have come across on those media. Someone associated with the couple told “The Times of London”, they have no plans to also use the media for Archewell, their new company. They also have no plans to use their personal social media accounts in the future as well.

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Harry and Meghan Below

The two had in fact left social media for some time now, in an interview in the month of October, She, the Duchess of Sussex had said that she had not been on social media for a pretty long time then,

She has made a personal choice to have no account. And doesn’t what is out there and it has been helpful to her and the family. She continues to say she has much concern for people who have become obsessed with social media. It has become a part of the modern culture for many, many people according to her that simply it has become an addiction to so many of the young generation. There are not many whom you can call an engaging users in the present world.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has also talked about the experience she has had with being trolled online, believing that it was not being able to survive.

In the year Prince Harry and Meghan announced that they were leaving the folds of being senior members of the Royal Family and moving to Southern California. Lately, they announced a deal with Spotify and a year-long deal with Netflix to make films scripted series children’s programs, and documentaries.

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