Meet Princess Nokia: Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Birthday and Family

Meet Princess Nokia: Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Birthday and Family

Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, an American rapper, goes under the stage name Princess Nokia. Metallic Butterfly, her debut studio album, was released in 2014, and was followed by Honeysuckle, a mixtape published in 2015. Princess Nokia rose to prominence in 2017 with the release of her studio album 1992 Deluxe.

Princess Nokia

Arista Records has signed Princess Nokia to a record deal. Her favorite styles to sing are emo rap and trip-hop. Rappers such as MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, as well as the female group TLC, motivated Princess Nokia to pursue a career in music. She is Fabolous, the emerging lady rapper, and her rap songs will immediately touch the emotions of millions of people.

Nokia, Princess Princess Nokia’s age, date of birth, birthday, family, information about her father and mother, where is she from? Early years

On June 14, 1992 (age 28 years), a prominent and fascinating young girl rapper was born in New York City, United States. Nokia is an American citizen who is an exceptional and good rapper artist who has already produced lovely songs to her fans and the business, but her ethnicity appears to be a blend of Afro-Indigenous and Puerto Rican. When it comes to her zodiac sign, she is a Gemini.

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Introducing Princess Nokia’s family background; the Nokia family background is being researched. We also don’t know anything about her siblings.

Princess Nokia is thought to have grown up in foster care homes with her grandmother; nevertheless, there is little information available on the internet about her familial history and parentage. Barry’s parents’ information is unavailable.

Princess Nokia was raised in foster care homes throughout her youth.

When Frasqueri was ten years old, her mother died of AIDS. She was in foster care from the age of nine to sixteen, and her foster mother was sexually abusive throughout that period. After leaving foster care, Frasqueri moved in with her grandparents. As a result, she began writing rhymes. Frasqueri was now residing in East Harlem on the Lower East Side of New York City.

Destiny Frasqueri had spent the majority of her childhood in foster care and had nothing to tell her family. Her parents split when she was a newborn, and her mother died of AIDS by the time she was two years old.

When Nokia was nine years old, her grandparents placed her in foster care, where her adoptive mother was sexually abusive. Her adoptive mother raised her until she was 16, when she moved in with her grandma. She began to pursue music and rhyme writing seriously at this point.

How much money does Princess Nokia have in her bank account? Net Worth

Princess Nokia started her music career three years ago and has since risen to become a well-known and famous musician in the music industry, as well as one of the industry’s brightest prospective stars.

She has a string of big albums under her credit, and her singles continue to remain popular. As a rapper, Princess Nokia has made the most of her money. Princess Nokia’s net worth is estimated to be $400 thousand US dollars.

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She has an extremely gorgeous and successful profession as a rapper, and she should not be concerned about her wages. She is said to have made a lot of money through her successful profession. If her professional trajectory continues, she is expected to make a lot of money and may end up on the list of billionaires.

Her net worth has improved significantly between 2019 and 2020. The majority of Princess Nokia’s income comes from her work as a professional rapper. She was born in the United States. The net worth, money, salary, earnings, and assets of Princess Nokia have all been calculated. Her net worth is reported to be approximately $ 450,000 USD, and she also offers the “Mutiny” perfume brand. In actuality, she was dubbed a Maison Margiela Brand Ambassador.

YouTube profits for Princess Nokia

Her stage name is Princess Nokia, and she has a YouTube channel. She had started a YouTube career several years before. She has almost 517K subscribers on her Princess Nokia YouTube account, where she has posted over 23 videos.

She specifically joined the YouTube channel in the year Joined on July 27, 2011. Her rap tunes and creations are uploaded on her channel. She is gradually and steadily expanding her YouTube channel with her job. Her channel has provided her with a solid source of money.

In terms of her musical YouTube channel, the total views on her channel are 128,406,725 views. Her channel is ranked 52,581st in terms of subscribers and 48,449th in terms of views. The channel is expected to make between $824 and $13.2K per month and $9.9K and $158.3K per year.

Princess Nokia is one of the world’s richest rappers. Princess is among the world’s richest rappers. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, her net worth is believed to be $1.5 million.

Princess Nokia Boyfriends, is she married, and what is her love life like?

According to her prior affairs, Princess Nokia has two ex-boyfriends. She was Hood Profet for a few years, but the relationship terminated. Princess Nokia later confirmed her relationship with rapper Wiki, but the two were unable to keep their connection going. Princess Nokia appears to be satisfied with her current single status.

Aside from that, when it comes to Princess Nokia’s relationship status, we don’t know anything about her love life or relationship. She has chosen to keep her personal life private. At the present, she appears to be unmarried or to be keeping the love of her life from the public view.

God alone knows who her lover is because her relationship status has never been made public. She also never posts anything about her dating life. We don’t know if Nokia has a partner because she has kept her personal life private.

Nokia seemed to be more concerned with her work than with the other chatter. She appears to be content with her single life and is looking for a loving and caring boyfriend. She has made her job so lovely that she is expected to find a loving and caring lover in the near future.

Princess Nokia is a lesbian. Everything is based on her sexual preference.

Princess Nokia identifies as bisexual rather than homosexual. She previously admitted to being bisexual in previous interviews. She also performed in homosexual bars and became well-known in the LGBT nightlife scene. As a result, most of her fans thought she was bisexual. Princess Nokia is also a gender nonconforming individual.

She is unconcerned about such matters, is upfront about them, and has identified herself as bisexual. She is not scared to express her sexual orientation as a bisexual as a rapper. She revealed her sexual orientation because numerous suspicions were circulating about whether she is homosexual or not.

Princess Nokia’s Rapper Career

Frasqueri recorded and posted her debut single, “Destiny,” under the stage name Wavy Spice, on her SoundCloud website in 2010, and then published the song on her YouTube page in mid-2012. She subsequently released her second song, “Bitch I’m Posh.” After that, she released “YAYA,” an album about her Tano ancestors. Her following tracks were “Vicki Gotti” and “Versace Hottie.” Following the release of the songs, Frasqueri changed her stage name to Princess Nokia, claiming it was an alter personality, and released the song “Nokia” to promote the character.

Nokia debuted a radio show on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio on February 18, 2018. Every Sunday, a new episode was released, letting listeners to learn about Nokia’s inner workings. “The Voices in My Head of Princess Nokia” is a six-episode network series.

Maison Margiela was chosen as one of six ambassadors.

In September 2018, Maison Margiela chose her as one of six ambassadors to promote their current fragrance, Mutiny.

In December 2018, Nokia published a “remastered and expanded edition” of Metallic Butterfly, which includes three new bonus tracks. A Girl Cried Red, a mixtape, was published the same year. It was regarded as a representation of Frasqueri’s creative and emotional flexibility by NPR’s Stefanie Fernández, who praised her ability to “transcend them.”

In the year 2019, Nokia made her acting debut in the feature film Angelfish. According to the press release, the song is “a lively, inspirational bop crafted around disparaging lyrics against Nokia’s competitors.” In February 2020, Nokia published two albums: Everything Sucks and Everything is Beautiful.

Pitchfork characterized All Sucks as a “locust swarm of anxiety, angry and furious,” whereas Everything is Beautiful was defined as “gentle and expansive” in comparison. In March 2021, Nokia released a music video for the tune named “It’s Not My Fault.” Arista Records distributed the single, and it was Nokia’s debut album on a big label.

Is she on any social media platforms?

As a well-known rapper, she is also well-known on social media platforms with large fan bases, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She has 888K+ followers on her Instagram account princessnokia, a good amount of followers on Twitter with the handle @princessnokia, and 149K+ followers on her personal Facebook profile Princess Nokia.

Princess Nokia also has her own website, which is linked to farther down in this page. She appears to be highly active on social media and has a sizable following. She primarily publishes about her professional and musical postings, as well as career-related stuff, on her social media, and she is very active on Twitter.

Where did she go to high school and university?

She appears to be educated, and she may have completed her college education in New York, America itself. However, the specifics of her schooling and university or high school experience have yet to be revealed.

She has placed a high importance on education, which has contributed to her success. It appears that schooling had a significant influence in her successful career as a rapper. We believe she was unable to obtain an education while in foster care.

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