Meet Elwin Soto: Biography, Net Worth, Age, Birthday and Family

Meet Elwin Soto: Biography, Net Worth, Age, Birthday and Family

Elwin Soto is a Mexican professional boxer who has held the junior flyweight title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) since 2019. Elwin Soto compiled a 14-1 record before fighting and beating Puerto Rican boxer Angel Acosta to win the WBO light flyweight title.

Elwin Soto

Elwin Soto is a professional boxer who is well-known for his numerous victories. Despite his ordinary height and weight as an athlete, he never fails to wow the crowd with his incredible performances in each encounter. He has had 20 fights in his boxing career and has won 19 of them while missing only one, which is incredible.

Elwin Soto Secures Controversial Stoppage of Takayama in Ninth Round, is the most recent update on Elwin Soto.

On Saturday night’s undercard of Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders at AT&T Stadium, a considerably smaller Mexican champion earned a controversial technical knockout.

In the ninth round of a tight WBO junior flyweight title bout, Elwin Soto of Mexicali stopped Katsunari Takayama of Japan. Takayama held his own in the first two rounds, putting Soto to the test with his high-intensity striking, but the fight was stopped at 2:44 of the ninth round by referee Laurence Cole. Soto had delivered several hard punches before Cole got in between them, including a right uppercut and an overhand right. Takayama, on the other hand, did not appear to be on the point of collapsing when Cole brought their 108-pound title bout to a halt.

Takayama, a lower-weight boxing legend, and his promoters objected to the halt. Despite this, Soto, 24, successfully defended his WBO 108-pound championship for the third bout after gaining it in June 2019 with a 12th-round knockout of Angel Acosta.

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Takayama, who has previously retired three times, was competing for the first time since August 2016. Until Saturday night, the former IBF minimumweight champion had not been knocked out in 18 years. Takayama managed to land a large amount of blows in the round before their bout was called off. Soto continued to try to knock out Takayama with sporadic hammer punches in the eighth round.

Following the Seventh Round

Takayama threw and landed more blows in the seventh round, but Soto hit him with a crisp left hook, the strongest shot of those three minutes. Soto’s right hand wobbled Takayama with a minute left in the sixth round. Soto also won a close bout at the end of the sixth round. About a minute into the fifth round, Soto unleashed a left hook and then a right hand.

With 30 seconds remaining in the fourth round, Takayama hit a short right hand inside. Takayama’s aggressiveness and combo punching elevated the third round above the first two. Soto stung Takayama with a right hand about 50 seconds into the second round. In the closing 15 seconds of the second round, Soto landed three more rights.

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Soto’s strength influenced Takayama on many times throughout the opening round. Soto pulled Takayama off balance with a left-right combination with less than 10 seconds remaining in the opening round. Then, just as the first round came to a close, Soto’s left knocked Takayama off balance once more. Soto ended the opening round with a left hand after the bell, earning Cole a warning.

Elwin Soto’s childhood, age, family, and parents What is his background?

Elwin Soto is a Mexican professional boxer who was born on the 23rd of December in 1996. Elwin Soto Castro, a 24-year-old male, is his full name. He was born in Sen Filipe, Mexico, and hence has Mexican citizenship.

Now we’ll look at Elwin’s parents. Elwin’s parents, on the other hand, are unknown. The identities of Soto’s parents have not yet been revealed.

For the time being, his parents’ identities are unknown. On the internet, there was no information on Patrick Rodger’s family. Furthermore, there is no information about his close acquaintances or relatives anywhere.

Elwin Soto’s career as a Mexican boxer

Elwin has a 14-1 record before to beginning his professional career. He subsequently fought Puerto Rican boxer Angel Acosta, whom he beat to win the WBO light flyweight championship. He then began fighting in professional contests and has competed in around 20 matches. Elwin had only lost one of the bouts. The one match he has lost is to Dany Andujo in 2017, with a score of 2-1.

His most recent and notable victory was against the old Japanese boxer Katsunari Takayama, who had not been defeated in 18 years. Elwin defeated his opponent 14-1. His other victories were against players from all around the world, including Carlos Buitrago, Edward Heno, Eric Jovani, and many others.

Elwin Soto Net Worth: How much does a professional Mexican boxer earn? Salary per year?

Eric Soto, a professional boxer, appears to be well compensated for his efforts. With his substantial earnings, we might infer he lives a wealthy and pleasant life. His net worth is believed to be $35,584 a year, according to reports. However, his per-match earnings are still being assessed.

Elwin attended which high school and college? What was Elwin’s main topic?

Moving on to his school and college studies, the names of his schools and colleges have yet to be revealed in the media. He most likely finished his schooling in his native town of Mexico. We will undoubtedly update our post if new information on his schooling becomes available.

Is Elwin Soto currently in a relationship? Girlfriend

Elwin Soto, a young boxer, appears to be dating Keyla Pacheco Lujano. This is a supposition developed based on Elwin’s Instagram postings. They have not, however, publicly verified it. They appear to be a lovely pair, and we hope to receive confirmation shortly.

Is Elwin Soto active on any social media platforms?

We looked for him on all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We concluded that he appears to be fairly active on Instagram, where he can be found under the moniker @elwinsotocastro and has about 5k+ followers. And he is not reachable on Twitter.

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