Jacqueline Carlin

Jacqueline Carlin

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If you’ve come across the 1978 comedy musical Thank God It’s Friday; you probably want to look into the inner life of the actress Jacqueline Carlin. She was once the wife of actor Chevy Chase and late producer Terry Melcher. At the age of 77 years, she has become a part of veteran entertainers that helped pave the scenario of the present Hollywood.

Jacqueline is a proud native of New Jersey and belongs to Essex Fells. She was born on November 20, 1942, as Jacqueline Jean Carlin. Besides having a glamorous background, Carlin is also a dear mother of her son Ryan Melcher.

Jacqueline Carlin Short-Lived Marriages

Although the veteran actress was married three times, none proved to be a real love life. Her first marriage was with Peter Byam Cannon, whom she married on January 8, 1966. Unfortunately, her early ever conjugal life turned into a failure. Subsequently, Carlin and Peter divorced soon after. Moreover, the couple didn’t share any kids.

Carlin and Chevy at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE's Radio/TV Correspondents' Dinner on March 25, 1976.
Jacqueline Carlin and Chevy Chase at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s Radio/TV Correspondents’ Dinner on March 25, 1976.
Source: Fred Hermansky/Getty Images

Soon after, Carlin tied the second marital knot with actor Chevy Chase on December 4, 1976. Like her previous marriage, she and Chevy decided not to have any children.

After living together for nearly four years, Carlin and Chevy were legally separated on November 14, 1980. Unlike Carlin’s first husband, Chevy was a New York-born actor and writer known for Caddyshack(1980), Fletch(1985), and Saturday Night Live(TV series). Well, one of the well-known 90s actresses, Tiani Warden, died in prison, the ex-wife of Gary Busey.

After a series of heartbreak and a failed marriage, Carlin was depressed and hopeless. But she was too young to quit falling in love. During her active years in acting, she met producer and writer Terry Melcher. Like Carlin, late Terry also turned out to be a divorcee. Eventually, the couple married and had one and only son, Ryan. In the meantime, the differences in them led to their divorce in 1997. At present, Carlin, who is wise and old, is probably living a single life.

Jacqueline Carlin is Blessed With A Considerable Fortune

Carlin’s net worth is assumed to be more than $5 million. During the peak of her career, Carlin’s primary source of income was acting and modeling for commercial ads. She once shared a house worth $11.75 million with her ex-husband Chevy Chase. 

Carlin's 1978 photo shows her holding a pet cat.
Carlin’s 1978 photo shows her holding a pet cat.
Source: Michael Ochs/Getty Images

Being one of the popular actresses of the ’60s and ’70s, Carlin had gathered more than enough wealth to lead a luxurious life. One of her movies, Thank God It’s Friday, had collected over $7.3 million at the box office. It was a musical disco comedy film that was completed with a budget of $2.2 million. The movie was officially released on May 19, 1978.

Jacqueline Carlin had a Short yet Lasting Movie Career

Once an ex-daughter-in-law of actress and activist Doris Day, Carlin is the first actress to appear on Saturday Night Live(1975). Although she appeared in a few movies, Carlin’s acting talent glorified her name in Hollywood. Later, she decided to put a halt in her career very early.

Besides Saturday Night Live, Carlin was made appearances in TV series like Bronk(1976), The Chevy Chase Show(1977), and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson(1977). Also, she managed to shine through many uncredited roles.

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