Gordon G. Chang

Gordon G. Chang

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If you have read the book- The Coming Collapse of China(2001), you might know its author Gordon Guthrie Chang. His profession expands beyond columnist blogger, author, lawyer, and television commentator, and speaker. 

Born in New Jersey, the U.S., Gordon’s father was Chinese on July 5, 1951, whereas his American mother was of Scottish ancestry. His father had come to America from Rugao, Jiangsu, China.

Gordon G. Chang’s Blissful Marriage With Lydia Tam

Gordon G. Chang and Lydia Tam dated each other, which made them closer than ever. The couple finally decided to be each other’s life partner and married in 1933. Gordon was 42 years old when he married Lydia in a private ceremony where only family and relatives were present. The pair were even happier after they were blessed with a daughter.

Gordon is speaking at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Gordon is speaking at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Source: cc

His wife Lydia was born in Hong Kong and became a U.S. citizen on September 12, 2001. Currently, Gordon is leading private life with his family in America.

He is active on social media like Twitter but never shares details about his family. Being a television personality who cannot escape from the limelight and paparazzi, Gordon has managed to keep his personal life a secret to the media and public. 

Gordon G. Chang’s Net Worth

Author of The Coming Collapse of China, Gordon G. Chang owns an estimated net worth of $7 million. As a versatile person, his income also has several sources. He also earns loyalty from his books, blogs, and content.

In the U.S., the average yearly salary of a lawyer is $117,567 and $60,000 for the writers. Similarly, public speakers in the U.S. make a sum of $76,235 to $97,073

Early Life, Career, And Criticisms Of Gordon G. Chang

Chang had attended Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, and graduated from there in 1969. He was chosen as the class president in his high school’s senior year.

After that, he studied at Cornell University for four years until his graduation. There, he was a member of the Quill and Dagger University. Eventually, he pursued law studies at Cornell Law School and was honored with a law degree in 1976.

Front Cover of the book- The Coming Collapse Of China, written by Gordon
Front Cover of the book- The Coming Collapse Of China, written by Gordon.
Source: Amazon

Although Gordon is an American citizen, he mostly resides and works in Chinese cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong. He has spent more than two decades in Chinese cities working as Counsel to the American law firm Baker & McKenzie. Cornell University alumni Gordon was also appointed as a trustee.

Currently, he writes for The John Batchelor Show, The Glenn Beck Program of FOX News, and CNN. Besides CNN and FOX News, his writing has appeared in The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, PBS, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Commentary, and The Weekly Standard.

He was also writing for The Daily Beast in the past. 68-year-old Gordon is a journalist of Forbes.com and a foreign affairs columnist for The Daily.

Gordon is commenting on FOX News
Gordon is commenting on FOX News.
Source: Twitter

Chang drew media and public attention when he stated that the Chinese government would collapse in 2012 and 2016 and noted that China made all the profit and surplus by lying, cheating, and stealing. But Fudan University’s Center for American Studies director Shen Dingli criticized Gordon by saying that Gordon’s predictions will collapse his credibility.

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