Frankie Valli’s daughter Francine Valli | Cause of death | Net Worth

Frankie Valli’s daughter Francine Valli | Cause of death | Net Worth

Francine Valli was the youngest daughter of Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel. Frankie and Mary, her parents, married in 1954. When you are happy, you listen to music to enjoy its beats, but when you are sad, you try to understand its meaning. Frankie Valli, the lead singer of the 1960s band The Four Seasons, is a name you may have heard.

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Frankie Valli is a singer who topped the Billboard charts several times in the late twentieth century. The Four Seasons singer has been married three times and has six children, two of whom are no longer alive. His youngest daughter, Francine Valli, died, leaving a void in his life. What happened to Frankie’s youngest daughter?

Francine Valli parents

Francine Valli was the youngest daughter of Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel. Frankie and Mary, her parents, married in 1954.

Who is Frankie Valli's daughter Francine Valli? Her death, wiki-Bio, facts.

Her parents were enjoying a happy marriage. However, as time passed, things did not remain the same, resulting in a conflict between the two. As a result, her parents’ marriage ended in divorce and they parted ways. After 17 years of marriage, Frankie and Mary divorced.

When did Francine Valli die?

Francine was born in 1960 to Frankie Valli, an American singer and actor, and his first wife, Marry Mandel, though her exact birth date is unknown. Francine Castelluccio was her given name at birth. She rose to fame after being born to a musician father.

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She was attending college prior to her death, but the name of the university and faculty have not been revealed. Unfortunately, Francine Valli died when she was only 20 years old. Francine would be 60 years old today if she were still alive. It is always a tragedy to learn of the death of such a young soul.

Cause of her Death

Francine, Frankie’s daughter, was found dead on her New Jersey home on August 16, 1980. There were numerous reports that Frankie’s daughter had died. Some speculated that she committed suicide, while others claimed that she died as a result of pneumonia.

However, we discovered that Francine Valli died as a result of a drug overdose. His daughter died as a result of complications from a combination of Quaaludes (a sedative and hypnotic medication) and alcohol.

Who is Frankie Valli's of "The Four Seasons" daughter Francine Valli? Bio:  Cause of Death, Age, Children, Overdose, Obituary

Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate her official obituary. Furthermore, her parents were reportedly aware of her drug addiction and attempted to keep her away from it. They even admitted her to a rehabilitation facility.


Francie had lost her oldest sister, Celia Sabin Selleck, who was born from her mother’s previous marriage, six months prior. Celia was only two and a half years old when her parents married.

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Celia died after falling from a fire escape. She looked out the window of her New York apartment and attempted to exit via the fire escape, but she fell. Francine Valli’s paternal grandfather died of a stroke the same year.

Net worth of Francine Valli before her death

Francine was only 20 years old when she died. She had yet to begin her musical career and aspired to be a singer like her father at the time. She did, however, record a few songs but never released them. As a result, we can conclude that she did not amass a fortune for herself.

The Four Seasons lead vocalist, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of $80 million. Frankie earns the majority of his money from his albums and songs. He earns a living not only from his singing but also from his acting.

Quick facts about Francine Valli

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