Celine Salazar

Celine Salazar

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Boxing champion Celine Salazar ‘123¾’ is a perfect example of beauty with a strength nailing boxing since 2003. Nicknamed SWEETHEART, she is also a criminal justice major at Palo Alto and one of the few talented female boxers of the date.

Celine Salazar Current Relationship Status

Celina Salazar is probably single and out of dating rumors as of now. Unlike other celebrities, she prefers not to disclose her personal life to the media, creating more curiosity among fans.

Boxing champion Celine is currently single.
Boxing champion Celine is currently single.
Source: Women boxing

Salazar might date a few personalities in the past, but nothing has been confirmed officially due to her secretive nature. It seems like the 31 years old boxer is in no hurry to be bound in any romantic relationship.


The boxing champion is uncomfortable wearing specific dresses and conversing with the media, and posing for photos. So, Celine is rarely seen in public and media.

When not fighting, Celine loves to be outdoors whenever she can and adores seeing her nephews. She also enjoys going out with her family and friends to the movies.

Even though Salazar is quite shy of the cameras flashing towards her and all the attention she grabs, the gorgeous brunette shows her supreme power and rage once inside the ring. Her only motto is to fight and to win.

Celine Salazar’s Net Worth – $2 Million

Salazar has a net worth of more than $2 million from her professional career. Usually, a female boxer earns an average of $51,370 per annum, receiving the exact figure. However, boxing is not only the source of her income as she held several other jobs, and currently, she works as a criminal justice major.

Salazar also works as a criminal justice major.
Salazar also works as a criminal justice major.
Source: Archangel promotions

Female boxers earn $200-$400 per match, but it depends on their weight class, fighting records, punching power, and sponsors. Mainly, sponsors are attracted to higher-weight types.

Early Career Of Celina Salazar

Celine Salazar made her fight debut for the National Title for the Silver Gloves in Kansas in 2005. The determined boxer won the San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves in 2006, which proved that she was already an amateur champion.

In the midst, Salazar put a halt in her career as a boxer and graduated from McCollum High School in 2007. The young Salazar fought for the national-level championship, which was her headstart to boxing. It was a significant achievement for her tender age.

Celine Salazar Comeback To Boxing

After taking the break of two years from boxing, the Texas boxer made her comeback in April 2009 at the Escapade Plaza, Dallas, Texas. She competed with Lisa Lamb 122 and won the fight with 40-36. She then fought with Yvonne Rodriguez 126 at Randy’s Ballroom at San Antonio, Texas, on September 26, 2009, and she again won the match.

Celine Salazar Fighting
Celine Salazar Fighting
Source: The Sweet Science

Likewise, Celine had a four-round majority decision over Christina Ruiz 124½, on December 17, 2009, at the Event Center, San Antonio, Texas. But, sadly, on August 6, 2010, she had to settle for a split-draw with Nohimme Dennison 122½ at the Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After few failures, Salazar proved herself with a match to Christina Ruiz in October 2010 and had a four-round majority draw.

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