Ashley Kaufmann

Ashley Kaufmann

The 24-year-old Ashley Kaufmann got wide media attention in 2008 as the biological daughter of Micheal Lohan, an American television personality. Born on 30th June 1995, Kaufmann spent most of her childhood.

Ashley’s mother, Kristi Horn Kauffman, a massage therapist and a former beauty competitor, announced that she had a secret love child with Michael. In 2008, he submitted a DNA sample for a paternity test, which was positive.

After knowing that Lindsay Lohan was her half-sister, Ashley said she had undergone major surgeries to resemble the star better. Actress Lohan is famous for her unfortunate brushes with the law and a series of stints in rehab.

Michael Kaufman: The Biological Father Of Ashley Kaufmann

Ashley Kaufmann Lohan is the biological daughter of Micheal Lohan, a former wall street broker and Hollywood’s television celebrity. Her grandparents are Richard Lohan and Marilyn Lohan. Ashley has five half-siblings altogether: Lindsay, Aliana, Michael, Cody, and Landon Major Lohan.

Ashley Kaufman's Father, Michael Kaufman
Ashley Kaufman’s Father, Michael Kaufman
Source: The Bonobos Blog

Before 2005, Ashley had no clue about her biological father, Micheal Lohan. The surprise result came when the DNA test was made done by her mother, Kristi. After the DNA test was done, the Montana court ruled that Micheal was the father of Ashley and then was added to her birth certificate.

Although she has a reputed lifestyle after the rumor of her Father, much about her education and educational qualification is still unknown. This has remained a mystery to the people as she has not shared anything about it.

Career Overview Of Ashley Kaufmann

Ashley started her pop career at the early age of 16. She recorded a series of tracks in Stereo Live Studio in Houston. The name of the album was “AshleyA.” Ashley’s First single by Produced by Paul Couture and named ” Play with the Boys.” 

Ashley began her singing career in 2011.
Image: Ashley began her singing career in 2011.
Source: Splash News

When Ashley was 17, in November of 2012, she appeared on The Goddard Show on NBC. Ashley was along with her mother, Kristi, and confirmed Micheal Lohan was her biological father. Eventually, Micheal also appeared in the show and met Ashley for the first time. 

$25,000 Worth Of Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her Sister?

In the desire to be more glamorous and beautiful like her sister, Lindsay Lohan. Ashley underwent five plastic surgeries. She spent a whopping $25,000 for the surgery. You might love to read about Lori Harvey and Rick Sykes.

The surgery included a rhinoplasty or a nose job — refinement under her cheeks and jawline and fat injections into her upper cheeks and chin. 

Ashley was pictured in 2011 before surgery
Image: Ashley was pictured in 2011 before surgery.
Source: Splash News

After having her surgeries, In Touch Magazine interviewed her. In the interview, she claimed herself to be hotter than her sister, Lindsay. In November 2013, she returned to The Trish Goddard Show. Not to mention, she gave the full details about her surgeries. 

Ashley lives a luxurious life on her own with her divorced mother in Houston, Texas. Ashley has an estimated Net Worth of $800,000. She is not much active in the trending social media except one, i.e., Twitter. Further, she is often found to keep updating new posts on Twitter. 

Along with her mystery of education, so does the relationship. Additionally, she has been active in TV shows, yet there is no sign or record of having a boyfriend or a life partner.

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