Amy Word: Net Worth, Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Birthday And Arrested.

Amy Word: Net Worth, Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Birthday And Arrested.

Early on Saturday morning, a member of the Evansville school board was brought into jail for questioning over an incident. According to the website for the detention center, Amy Word is being held on the charge of “controlled drug – common nuisance – keeping.” Her incarceration is under a $500 bail.

Amy Word

Amy Word: A school board member in Evansville Saturday morning arrest.

Early on Saturday morning, Amy Word, who owns a restaurant in the area and is also a member of the school board, was taken into custody. There is no information available on the reasons for her arrest. She was processed and booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail at exactly 6:34 in the morning. According to the website for the prison, the individual is being held on the allegation of “restricted substance—common nuisance—maintaining.”

The announcement was made for the first time by the Courier and Press. They said that they had reached out to a spokesperson for the Evansville Police Department and left a message asking further information about the event. However, according to the staff at the prison, their reporter, the probable-cause arrest records for her detention are not yet accessible. This is the reason for her confinement.

Amy Word: Her Age, Family and Early Life?

It is unknown when Amy Word was born or what sign she was born under. She is of white race and American nationality, and she was born in the United States.

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We do not have any precise information on her family at this time. Information that has been independently verified on the Amy Word family will be provided later.

Amy Word: School and College, Where did she Attend?

There is almost no information provided on the educational history of Amy Word. On the other hand, given how young she is, it is reasonable to assume that she is still a student. However, neither the name of the institution that she attended nor the subject that she majored in are known.

Amy Word: Net Worth. How much money does she make?

Amy Word is said to be a member of the board of trustees for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, according to reports. Given the significant expertise she has gained during the course of her professional career, there is a good chance that people are inquisitive about her net worth.

Amy Word: What does she do for living? Her Career?

Amy Word is the proprietor of the Lamasco Bar & Grill located at 1331 W. According to the records kept by the Office of the Indian Secretary of State, she has owned the property since 2009. In 2019, she opened a chic bar and restaurant on Franklin Street called Amy’s on Franklin at 1418 West. You can find it on Franklin Street.

She had been a science instructor in the past, and she said that her ancestry inspired her to want to serve on the board of the school where she had previously worked. Her parents and both of her siblings are now employed in the teaching profession. She said that it was partially in her blood and that it was healthy for her. She also claimed that it was beneficial to her.

Amy is well-known among the people that live in Evansville. In addition, she is the proprietor of a localized small business. The location is known as Amy’s on Franklin, and that is the name of the restaurant. In addition to that, she was the driving force for the extension of the community along West Franklin Street.

According to the police dispatchers, investigators were sent to the Lamasco Bar & Grill on Saturday am on two separate occasions. She won a seat on the EVSC School Board in 2020 for one of the two positions available in District 3 with a total of little under 5,000 votes. Earlier this month, according to The Courier & Press, it was rumored that her name was included on a list of probable contenders for the office of mayor. She had made it quite apparent that she wanted to put her talent to use for the advancement of the community.

Amy Word: Her relationship status? Her Spouse? Her Children?

Along the same lines, there were whispers in 2021 that she was involved in a relationship with Ben Shoulders, the married commissioner of Vanderburgh County. However, not a single news organization was successful in verifying the rumors.

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Instead, those who addressed it were mocked by the general public due to the lack of evidence to back it. To be successful in politics, a person has to have a decent character. Ben was already married, so any extra allegations that he was having an affair would have been detrimental to his image.

Amy Word: Is she available on any social media platform?

There is a profile for Amy Word on both Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, she has 1,986 followers, and on Twitter, she has 707 people following her.

Amy Word: Her physical appearance.

Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlack
Sexual OrientationStraight

Amy Word: Her general information.

Relationship StatusN/A
Net WorthN/A

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