Amelia Warren Tyagi

Amelia Warren Tyagi

The Two-Income Trap‘s author Amelia Warren Tyagi is one of the two kids of US senator Elizabeth Warren who identified herself as Native American Cherokee in 1984. Forty-eight years old Amelia is married to Indian-born technology specialist and film producer Sushil Tyagi.

Amelia Warren Tyagi’s Family

Amelia’s mother, Elizabeth, was just eighteen years old when she married Jim Warren back in 1968. Jim was Elizabeth’s high school sweetheart. After the wedding, the couple moved to Houston and then to New Jersey. Together, they share two kids Amelia and Alexander Warren

Amelia's mother with her second husband Bruce and mellow golden retriever Otis on the campaign trial.
Amelia’s mother with her second husband Bruce and mellow golden retriever Otis on the campaign trail.
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After a decade-long conjugal life, Elizabeth and Jim filed for divorce. Further, the divorce was finalized in 1978

A couple of years later, on July 12, 1980, Elizabeth married a law professor Bruce H. Mann for the second time. Although she started her second marital life, she chose to keep her first husband’s surname as hers. 

Amelia Warren Tyagi’s Marital Life With Sushil Tyagi

Amelia and her husband Sushil share three children; Octavia Tyagi, Lavinia Elizabeth, and Atticus Mann. The two met while they were students at the university. 

Amelia's two kids; Lavinia Elizabeth and Atticus Mann with Sushil's mother.
Amelia’s two kids, Lavinia Elizabeth and Atticus Mann are with Sushil’s mother.
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Sushil belongs to a small village near Dehradun that solely used to depend on farming. The two might not be each other’s first love, but they are their true love. Since they first met, Amelia and Sushil have been together, and their marital life seems to be a god-sent.

Together, Amelia and Sushil support Elizabeth’s senate campaigns and political events. What is more, Amelia’s family is part of Elizabeth’s public appearances. 

Publicity shy-Amelia is hard to find on social media, but one can peek into her personal life through her spouse. Compared to Amelia, Sushil is quite active on Twitter and Instagram. 

Amelia Warren Tyagi’s Net Worth

Amelia’s net worth is estimated to be over $4 million. She is the co-founder and the president of a placement organization Business Talent Group and HealthAllies. She is also a trustee emeritus of the progressive think tank Demos. Amelia has co-written two books, The Two-Income Trap, and All Your Worth, with her mom Elizabeth.

Additionally, she worked as the radio show commentator for the Marketplace. The Marketplace is an American radio show whose programs are more inclined towards business and economy talks. Unlike Tyagi, another renowned author and political consultant, Goldie Taylor has a decent net worth.

Author, Amelia Warren Tyagi
Author, Amelia Warren Tyagi
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Likewise, Amelia shares a house worth millions with her husband, Sushil. Sushil is credited as a producer for both American and Indian films. Some of his movies are; Samsara(2011), Journey Across India(2007), The Visionary-Tesla(2005), Hari Om(2004), Final Combination(1994), and SeaQuest 2032(1993).

She may be making huge incomes through her profession, but Amelia is known to advocate social welfare. She even belongs to the board member of the Fuse Corps, a non-profit organization. Currently, Amelia resides in the wealthy neighborhood of Los Angeles with her hubby and three kids.

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